Six Essential Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling is a liberating experience that should happen as often as possible. Especially if you are going alone on a trip, it is a time to rediscover yourself. Use it wisely and don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it!

There are many solo female travelers in the world that come back home with exciting adventures and fulfilling experiences. Being in a group can mean that your wishes are at the mercy of other people too. So organizing a journey by yourself is the best way to get what you want.  Let’s find out the six tips to create a safe environment wherever you.

1. Check Reviews

You feel more confident in yourself when you get to test a product before you buy it. This is the case with hotels and traveling destinations also. There are many people that share their good or bad experiences over the Internet. Based on their feedback, you can be sure that you will have a perfect time by yourself.

One tip here would be to choose the destinations with lots and lots of exciting reviews. Businesses usually ask their employees or relatives to write good things about their services. Sometimes, these fake comments really seem like what a tourist would say. However, they are misleading, and they might jeopardize your trip.

2. Pack Light

You may feel the urge to take every odd and end that might prove to be handy in some cases. Most of the time, these special cases don’t come up. The thickness of your backpack can make a difference between an amazing trip and an uneventful hotel arrest.

So, make sure you check all the essential items for your vacation luggage and add up only things you cannot separate from. Also, check the weather of your destination and bring only suitable clothes. A light traveling lets you focus on experiences.

3. Use the Social Web

Maybe the choice of traveling alone was for the sole purpose of rediscovering yourself. However, there’s nothing wrong with meeting new local people to act as enthusiastic and free of charge guides! The main advantage of today’s social media is creating new connections regardless of boundaries.

So, before adventuring yourself in a new traveling experience, search the social media for new friends, preferably girls as well. It is more fun to have a girls’ night out, and you don’t have to question the intentions of boys.

4. Smart Safety Tricks

There are some safety tricks that will make you feel more confident and secure. So, how about packing your cash in the intimate space of a tampon box? The hotel rooms are not as safe as we want them to be. However, no one will look in a pad box for some treasures.

Moreover, when in a taxi, activate your Google Maps just to be sure. The idea of a stranger driving you away is a little scary even in your hometown, let alone a whole new country.

5. Public Transportation

Public transportation will take care of your tight budget, and it is also a great way to take the pulse of the city. However, there are too many occasions for pickpocket here to consider the bus or tram safe. You never know where the danger might come from.  Even the innocent face of a little girl can hide bad intentions.

So, make sure all your valuable possessions are safe in zipped pockets and under your supervision. Then you can relax and enjoy the ride. Also, you’d rather want to avoid traveling by night. Personal fatigue and darkness will not favor you in the case of unwanted incidents.

6. Stay in Touch with Friends

Traveling by yourself gives you more responsibility than in a group. Any trip can have a bump in the road, and you have to manage the situation quickly. So, for safety reasons it is better to let your loved people know where you all the time.

Before leaving home, you can hand an itinerary of your trip to a friend or family member. With some short phone calls, you can quickly give them updates on how things are going without wasting time on where you are and why. Moreover, if you have a passion for photography, you can post beautiful landscapes on social media. This way, your friends will know that you are safe and sound, and you are having a great time.

Safety measures are always a great idea. They can give you a warming feeling of security, and you spend your trip enjoying yourself. Traveling solo is an eye-opening time when you are alone with your thoughts. You will come in contact with unexpected situations, and the way you solve them will tell you new things about yourself. Have fun!

About the Author

Phoenix Hutton has been a travel and photography enthusiast for most of her life and for a few years now she has found a way to combine both. Her job as a freelance photographer has taken her around the globe and now she enjoys sharing her insights with other adventure-seekers. You can connect with her on Twitter at @phoenixhutton.