Planning a Safari for the Entire Family

Safari experiences are mind-blowing! This form of travel has gotten a lot of recognition in the past couples of years, and increasingly more honeymooners, adventurers, and even families pursue safaris for their next vacation. Africa in particular is one of the best places to enjoy a thrilling safari. The destinations are wild and rugged, but at the same time diverse and packed with incredible sights. For many people, venturing into the wild and meeting the world’s most spectacular animals is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here are some amazing travel spots to explore on your next safari.


Uganda is famous for its all-natural landscapes, wild fauna and flora, and incredible places of interest. This place offers travelers a unique opportunity to meet the mountain gorillas as well as gaze their eyes at the incredible scenery. Bwindi Forest Reserve is Uganda’s best location for a safari. Travelers are given the chance to rent a car and venture into the wild all on their own, or they can opt for a guided tour. On their itinerary, they’ll stumble upon the fascinating valley, theatrical landscapes, and breathtaking waterfalls. To get a closer look at the gorillas, make sure to visit the Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, a nestled deep inside the acclaimed Bwindi UNESCO World Heritage Site. The location is remote but peaceful and atmospheric for voyageurs hunting for eternal tranquility.


Namibia is yet another great destination for a safari with the family. It will instantly grab your attention with its rugged coastlines, stark beauty and evolving landscapes. Its finest place of interest is Etosha National Park, which is also home to the tallest and most spectacular elephants in Africa. Among several others animals, you’ll stumble upon in the area, we must also mention cheetah, black rhinos, and lurking big cats. The scenery is unique and tourists can opt for the most adventurous self-driving safaris with their loved ones. Onsite, there are many comfortable lodges and camping sites; pick the ones that match with your budget and enjoy the best of Africa in Namibia. Include the Onguma Game Reserve on your itinerary. It is a place of sheer beauty with unparalleled landscapes and fascinating outdoor sceneries.


Africa’s densest and most fascinating game concentrations are in Botswana. This destination prides with one of the most superb and rugged national parks in all Africa, Chobe National Park. Located within the well-known Okavango Delta, Chobe is perfect for a family safari. Team up with the wildlife, rent a car and venture into the wild. Onsite, travelers have a wealth of accommodation facilities to try out, including lodges and camps for all budgets. Furthermore, Chobe is home to several endangered animal species, including brown hyena, wild dog, and cheetah. A water safari is the best way to admire the river and the animals. You’ll also meet the locals and you’ll have a unique opportunity to know more about their customs and traditions.


Kenya is considered by many adventurers Africa’s most well-known safari destination. It boasts dramatic game viewing sights and effortless vistas. The most visited destination is The Masai Mara, a national reserve with scattered acacia woodland and rolling grasslands. The best time to visit is in October, during the annual migration. Millions of stunning wildebeest can be seen during this time of the year. As far as accommodation is concerned, the finest is Naibor Camp; a beautiful lodging place tucked away across the Talek River’s woodland. Excellent safaris can be enjoyed in Enasoit, located near the Lamu archipelago. This location soars with deserted beaches and nomadic tribes, as well as exceptional scenery.

There are numerous destinations in Africa that families can explore to benefit from a memorable safari experience. Leaving aside the ones we mentioned above, we must also include South Africa. The country is located at the southern tip of the continent and it boasts amazing cities and destination for a family-friendly safari experience. Cape Town, in particular, is an astounding capital city. There you can admire a wealth of attractions including Winelands, abundant fauna and flora, national reserves, luxurious accommodation and numerous fascinating places of interest for the whole family. Enjoy the experience to the fullest and spend a memorable safari retreat in one of Africa’s most fascinating and spectacular territories.

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