Discover the Beauty of Tanzania: 5 Days in Zanzibar

Spending 5 days in any place in the world may not be enough to experience it to the full, but you can absolutely make the most of those 5 days. Tanzania is a beautiful area to explore, and you will most likely wish you could spend weeks there. But if you have just 5 days to experience Zanzibar, there are certain things you have to try to fit in. Here’s our plan of 5 days in Zanzibar, maximized to the fullest potential!

Day 1: Scuba Dive

Whether you are a qualified diver or not, scuba diving is so much fun and can reveal a whole new world under the waves. The sea life is magnificent around Zanzibar, so get yourself booked onto a tour appropriate to your experience level and get ready to enjoy yourself. you will see starfish, lionfish, and lots of colorful sea creatures. You can take a speedboat out to a secluded spot, or go the traditional route and ride on a longboat. This takes longer but is a more authentic way to visit.

Day 2: Spice Tour

Try and fit in as many tours as you can during the day, but if you can only do one, make it the spice tour. This is a chance to look at the fruit and spices of the local area, which is lots of fun and very informative. You will also get to taste fresh fruits which are pulled from the tree right in front of you, and you will learn about how the spices are processed.

Later in the day, set some time aside to lay on the white sands of the beach and relax. The ocean is beautiful here, and with the sun beating down, you can really feel all of your cares just seeping away.

Day 3: Stone Town

You must head to Stone Town, which is the capital of the island. Here there is a long history which you can learn about, as well as souvenir shops and cafes where you can stop off. Be aware that it’s not considered polite to take photographs of people or their stalls in the market, but give it a visit and purchase some fresh fruit. You can easily spend a full day here soaking up the culture and enjoying the sun.

Day 4: Dhow Cruise

The traditional Dhows are a great way to go on an island-hopping cruise. They will take you away from Zanzibar in the morning and lead you back in the afternoon or evening, with lots of time for exploring in-between. These islands are uninhabited, which makes them a great place to see some natural beauty. You can book tours which include meals and other activities as a bonus.

Day 5: Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

Take a day trip on your final day in Zanzibar to explore the nearby national park. It is home to plenty of rare breeds, such as the Kirk’s Red Colobus Monkey and Sykes’ Monkey. You can also see Ader’s Dulker and lots of other weird and wonderful creatures. Experience the wonder of natural wildlife in this area before you leave it all behind!

You will most likely need a rest after such an action-packed holiday, but this is what it is all about. By packing lots of activities into your 5-day trip, you can get to see the absolute best of Zanzibar – the things that you would not want to miss. Once you get back to the airport, you will probably be wondering when you can make another visit to do it again!

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