Discover London’s Exuberant Nightlife

London’s vibrant nightlife and super cool club scene can cater for all tastes and moods and offers you starting options to hang out if you want to party from dusk till dawn. Whether you are looking for a sedate laid back spot to enjoy a drink, wildest drinking dens, and clubs, or steamy saunas to full-on fetish nights, London can serve you best of everything.

For those keen for music can head to Camden Town to enjoy live gigs. On either side of the Camden road, you will find out small seedy pubs and bars, which are interspersed with some really good venues, offering complete bohemian feel.

If you are interested in experiencing archetypal ‘old London pub,’ West London is a good bet and here you can find a great number of pleasant old places. Similarly, to get the perfect antidote from crazily wild London night head to the north leafy Hampstead and Highgate. These places are ideal for a quiet drink.

Soho, the titan of the London night boasts of gorgeously-lit strip clubs and sex shops along with achingly attractive cocktail bars, clubs, hip cellar bars and age-old London institutions.

Here is the list of some best known new, exciting and experimental places to experience London’s exuberant nightlife.


Nestled under railway arches, this chic venue showcases an amazingly diverse range of music to a warm and friendly crowd. Cargo offers delicious global street food, which you cannot afford to miss if you visit this place. Entry to this cool venue is absolutely free before 10pm on Fridays.

Egg London

A highly chic and attractive venue, Egg London is spread across a sprawling three intimate floors and is reminiscent of an Ibiza club. Apart from the beautiful interior, what makes this place stand out is its outdoor courtyard. It is the best place to hang out with friends during late hours. Enjoy your exotic drink under the night sky and chill out in the most vibrant ambiance.

Corsica Studios

An award-winning arts and entertainment venue, Corsica is the right place to hit to experience brilliant new, exciting and experimental sounds. You can expect a lively and friendly crowd most of which include students. It offers a great choice in music and bar.

Electric Brixton

Started in 2011, Electric Brixton is one of South London’s best dance venues. The venue is famous for hosting regular drum ‘n’ bass, electronica and dance nights. You can expect some stylish and popular big name DJs and live acts. The highlight of this place is its great sound system and light shows.

The Borderline

If you love live music, visit this venue which is popular for showcasing the best blues, rock and alternative bands in the hip neighborhood of London- Soho. Nestled on the Manette Street, Borderline is the venue for live music for over 20 years taking pride in its long bar, small stage, and exposed brick walls. Visit this venue to soak op in the sweet tone of a folk or hit the dancefloor at an indie club night.

Across the length and breadth of the London, the city’s nightlife continues to hum as never before. The immensely popular bars, clubs, and pubs push the envelope for brilliant musical innovation and serious late-hour hedonism.