5 Things to Do Before Going on a Long Trip

Taking a trip that is a year or longer is a wonderful experience. That being said, there are several important affairs that one has to get into order before departing. Here are five things to do before going on a long trip:

1. Contact All Credit Card Companies and Banks

Particularly if you are going overseas, it is wise to call all of your banks and credit card companies to state that you are going abroad. Additionally, it is important to let them know the specific dates that you will be in each country and city so that your cards do not suspect fraudulent activity. Be sure that you do this at least 48 hours before your departure so that your cards and bank accounts have a chance to put this travel note in their computer systems.

2. Ensure Your Home Security is Current

If you are keeping your home, be sure to get a home security system that you can track from your cell phone with fast response. Have lighting timers and do not advertise to many people that you are leaving for so long. This way, your home is vacant, but it is not attracting attention for being vacant due to your prolonged absence. It may be easier to simply have a house sitter or rent out your home while you’re gone.

3. Invest in a Global Data Phone Plan

Given the expansion in global technology, use your smartphone to your advantage. More and more mobile phone companies are offering data packages. By using WhatsApp, FaceTime or Google Hangouts, you are able to entirely use data and not purchase an actual phone plan when you go abroad. This is a great way to stay in touch and save a great deal of money in the process.

4. Back Up Digital Systems and Data Before Departing

If you will be bringing your laptop, smartphone or tablet, be sure to back up your digital systems and data through a data backup company like before leaving. This way, if you do lose one of these devices in your travels, you will be able to have the data somewhere else to not lose your important files.

5. Research Visa Requirements

If you will be gone for one year or longer, you will likely need some form of visa where you are going, along with your passport. Thus, do your research in advance and try to obtain the necessary visa in your home country, if possible. This way, you will have what you need to successfully stay on your trip without immigration hassles.


Taking a long trip is a wonderful way to see the world, learn, and get much accomplished; however, be sure that you make your preparations well in advance so that you are ready to make the most of your trip and truly have a meaningful and memorable experience.


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