What Makes Land of the Kings, Rajasthan Worth at Least One Visit in Your Lifetime?

Rajasthan is synonymous with the names and valor of kings that walked on the pages of history in this state. They have left behind a legacy of welcoming its guests with the vibrant colors in every shade conceivable in every aspect one can think of. Witnessing such kaleidoscopic display in one place makes it worth for people from every walk of life to grace the place with their presence, at least once.

To make the idea of colorful Rajasthan tour more convincing, here are the top reasons. (Order them according to your preferences!)


A nature lover is never disenchanted in Rajasthan; numerous wildlife sanctuaries, like Ranthambore National Park and Sariska Tiger Reserve,) having a healthy population of tigers along with other jungle creatures and birds keeps him motivated even in the heat. Then there are Aravali hills to look at along with numerous natural and man-made lakes in cities like Udaipur will surely cast their magic.


Traditional Rajasthani clothes- Ghaghra Choli- can be seen in spectacular hues and different styles of wearing adorned with unique tribal accessories. Though the sightings might be limited in urban areas, you will not be disappointed in places like Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Pushkar, Bikaner, etc. You get to see hand-weaved, tie-and-die and block printed clothes everywhere, to be bought as gifts as well. Even camels sport fashion wears, which is really fun to watch.


When it comes to food at north Indian tour, appearing more of a color palette than a thali full of traditional Rajasthani flavor, an everyday meal of this state is a teasing concoction of vegetable / meat and spices. The place is thus heaven for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, with the food as well as menu changing dramatically as you go from eastern to western part of Rajasthan. Some very popular dishes that are commonplace here are, Dal-Baati-Churma, Gatte-Ki-Sabzi, Kadi, Mirchi-bada and pyaaz-ki-kachori accompanied with Chaach.


Can you ever expect vibrant people missing a single opportunity of a get-together, adorn their best and eat like there’s no tomorrow? Rajasthanis are no different with religious festivals like Teej, Gangaur, Holi, Dewali in addition to uniqueness-exploring ones like Camel festival, Summer Festival, Desert Festival and regional fairs like Pushkar, Marwar and Naagaur fairs. The people just never get tired from preparing for some or the other festivities to share with their guests.    

Dances & Music

The two are inseparable: Rajasthanis and dance / music. Even today folk music and dance are upheld as priced possessions, be it Kalbelia (performed by snake charmers), Ghoomar (performed by Bhil community by pirouetting), teratali (devotional dance form) or Bhavai (performed while balancing a series of pitchers on head). Musical instruments like Manjira, Dholak, Tal, Pungi, etc. Losing yourself in their performance is an involuntary act of soul followed by the body.


Amber Fort and City Palace (Jaipur), Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur), and Jaisalmer Fort are the royal imprints of architecture and opulence. Add Samode Haveli, Shiv Niwas Palace and Balsamand Lake Palace to your list if you want to live and experience life a royal would. And the list is much bigger than the glimpse offered here. Some of this experience can be found in luxury trains with coaches decorated as palaces are equipped with every 5-star facility; they offer exclusive itinerary for touring Rajasthan.

Select the Rajasthan tour package that allows you to get hooked by this land by your preference!

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