Top 7 Inspiring Places in Sweden

If you are planning to travel to Sweden, you should be prepared to spend some time trying to decide what you are going to do there. From outdoors adventures to historical places and some of the most appreciated architecture and design attractions in the world, this Scandinavian country with almost 10 million inhabitants will keep you busy.

1. Drottningholm Palace

The residence of the Swedish royal family is a must-see in Sweden. Locate in the island of Lovö, the place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site dated from the 17th Century. There, you will enjoy yourself not only by learning a bit about Swedish history and culture but especially by going for a walk in its exquisite terraced park populated by bronze sculptures.

2. Vasa Museum

Spare one full day just to visit the maritime Vasa Museum and its 10 exhibitions ready to tell you how life is on a board of a ship. This is the most popular museum in Sweden and has many treasures in its collections. The most famous of them is the Vasa battleship, the only preserved 17th Century ship in the world. It sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage but was salvaged in 1961.

3. Djurgården Park

One of the best things to do in Sweden on a sunny day, the Djurgården park will keep you entertained for several hours. There, you will find Abba the Museum, an interactive exhibition about one of the most successful Swedish pop groups; the Gröna Lund amusement park, with 30 exciting rides; and Skansen, an open-air museum, and zoo. You will also be able to enjoy cafés, restaurants, and much more during your visit.

4. Sigtuna

History lovers, especially those interested in the Viking era, will be thrilled by the opportunity to visit Sigtuna. This place is the first town founded in Sweden and it remains there since AD 980, in the last century of the Viking times. Churches, ruins, rune stones, building, and more are waiting for you to visit them and find out how people used to live thousands of years ago in the country.

5. Abisko National Park

If you are looking for outdoor adventures, you should head up to the north of Sweden so to enjoy a unique experience. The Abisko Nationa Park is famous by being the Land of Midnight Sun, with 24-hour daylight for several weeks during the summer. And as it is located inside the Arctic Circle, there is also a big chance of seeing the Northern Lights there in the winter. Hiking is also a must there so you can appreciate the breathtaking Nordic landscape and wildlife.

6. Liseberg Theme Park

Parents and their children (and those who still keep their childhood alive in their minds) will be delighted by the Liseberg Theme Park. Located in the city of Gothenburg, it has so many attractions that you won’t know what to choose next. Roller coasters, carousels, castles, and several other rides are there to keep you busy and hyper. The place also holds concerts in the summer and a Christmas market by the end of the year.


The world’s largest hotel made of ice and snow, the ICEHOTEL has 5,500 square meters which are rebuilt every year in the winter (around November and December) so to start melting late spring again, around May or so. They have snow rooms, ice rooms, ice bars, and art suites – but you can choose to sleep on the cozy and warm bed if you like. From there, you can also try a snowmobiling excursion or a dog sledding safari, enjoy a sauna, go swimming, or take a trip to see the Northern Lights.

As you can see, Sweden can make anybody happy, no matter which kind of attraction you like the most. The country is also extremely well prepared to receive tourist of any nationality, and virtually everybody can speak English there. So start packing and get ready for unforgettable holidays in this Nordic country so full of things to do and enjoy.

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Joline Wikander is a passionate Sweden student who is in love with this world. She is studying social sciences at Columbia University. You can find more of her posts on the educational blog.