12 Destinations for Breathtaking Travel Photography

You don’t travel to take photos, but the truth is that some places are so scenic that you shouldn’t miss the chance to capture them. There are plenty of amazing pictures scattered on the Internet or in press, but they don’t relate to your unique traveling experience. Why not pack your camera if you are going to visit any of  them? I’m going to list places that are definitely worth such additional effort. City lovers will find some propositions, as well as those interested in the history or the wonders of  nature.

1. Taj Mahal, India

It is a mausoleum famous for the king of India’s love story and the awareness of it makes you feel solemn. But the building looks fabulous! White marvel and the symmetric form make it a dream destination for travel photography lovers. There are always long lines, so be prepared to wait or arrive early in the morning. But wait for the sun before taking photos, without it the form will be gray and not as shining!

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

The monumental sanctuary lost between mountains have attracted all photography lovers since its rediscovering in the 20th century it. So again, be prepared for crowds. However, waiting is not a high price for visiting such a scenic place. Grab your camera and start climbing! You will probably meet llamas, do not miss the chance to capture this famous, cute inhabitant of Andes mountains! When you reach your destination, wander around and experiment by broadening frames which can prevent from overcrowding.

3. Stonehenge, U.K.

There are so many hypotheses explaining the origin of the circle that you will inevitably experience a sense of mystery being nearby. Try to capture the sun behind the fences. Stonehenge is such an extraordinary place where you can point the lens to the sun and observe amazing results. However, gentle light and photos taken from outside the circle make an impression as well.

4. Petra, Jordan

Who wouldn’t like to meander among mountains to discover the Lost City of Petra and feel its mystery? Yes, the real purpose of it hasn’t been found yet. You can make your own guesses or just contemplate the atmosphere and intensive colors. Capture the Treasury from the narrow passage, but try to experiment with different frames as well. Show scale by catching people or camels. Strong light generates wondrous shadows in canyon landscape, show them!

5. Wahiba Sands, Oman

Huge areas covered only with sand are both monotonous and awe-inspiring and if you manage to show it, you will feel proud of yourself! If you spot an oasis or capture a camel you can diversify your shoots of the desert – the scale will be visible. A group of Bedouins will be much more impressive, but they congregate at the Al Huyawah oasis only for 4 months so you need to plan it in advance. Whenever you arrive set your camera perpendicular to the sunlight direction. It will balance lights and shadows and add a sense of depth.

6. Iceland

A place for those who prefer a cold climate for a change. Northern light is a phenomenon that makes Iceland famous, although it can be observed in other places as well. To capture it, you need the proper equipment. Use a solid tripod to make your camera stable and lens hood to protect it from frost accumulation. Be patient. If you aren’t lucky enough to take desirable photos, take advantage of other wonders of Iceland such as waterfalls or black sand dunes.

7. Lisbon, Portugal

What is so exciting in this European city? It is a metropolis, but on the other hand, it has specific ambient of coziness. Overlooking the ocean, spread across a few numerous hills, full of narrow cobblestone lanes and the trams cruising… Sounds idyllic? It is a magical city with a lively nightlife. Never leave your camera at the hotel, as even while strolling you may find picturesque places by chance, they are spotted everywhere. And pay attention to details, as Lisbon is famous for colorful ceramic tiles.

8. Marrakech, Morocco

Another city famous for its colors and very specific light. It’s a great destination for photographers, however, unless you want to lose your holidays for dealing with local officials you should obey rules and do not take photos where it isn’t permitted. Anyway, take advantage of Moroccan charm and hang around with a camera.

9. Chernobyl, Ukraine

This place has its legend due to the explosion of a nuclear power plant. It used to be a bustling city and now looks like abandoned ghost town. You can come across numerous ruined houses or notice trees encroaching on the buildings which survived. If you decide to visit Chernobyl look for the remains – you will find books, clothes scattered all around. It is a really scary, but memorable view.

10. Singapore

Surprise! An ultra-modern city is on our list. Full of skyscrapers so bright with lights that they look uncanny, almost dreamlike. Wandering at night gives occasion to take impressive photos there. It may be also challenging, as capturing a high building requires dealing with distortion of perspective. Experiment with fish eyes lens to use it creatively! Another possibility worth considering is taking pictures from bigger distances. Broaden frame may be more abstract – think about the play of colorful lights and shades. If you take advantage of reflections, you will make it even more interesting!

It’s a subjective choice based on my favorite destinations. This is only a small part of the wonders that you can discover in the world. Find your unique way here. I’d love to know which places you consider as the most  attractive for photography. If you have any pieces of advice regarding taking photos of them, let me know.

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