Traveling After College and the Best Countries to See

You’ve just graduated or are about to cross that stage soon, but you have no idea what to do with your life after your graduation dinner. All you know for sure is that you love traveling and if traveling is involved in any of your future endeavors, you will jump at the opportunity. Here are a few career paths and destinations to consider if filling up your passport is on your bucket list.

Careers That Will Get You Far

Ever heard of the Peace Corps? This program is geared towards anyone with an insatiable hunger to help those in need around the globe. This option is for the hardiest of candidates, as you’ll pledge 27 months to volunteer in another country and do some pretty hard and physical labor. However, those who serve return with exemplary experience, opportunities lined up with the State Department in the US and a bag full of souvenirs.

How about teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL)? With little to no experience, you can travel to countries like Brazil, Spain, Italy, and China to teach English to others. It is highly recommended to get TEFL certified to work for a reputable organization but positions that do not require the certification do exist.

Maybe building something is a little more your speed? If that is the case, consider Habitat for Humanity. The organization offers a long-term international volunteer program lasting six to twelve months, where you can work as a foreman or an office assistant. Past international projects were located in places such as Argentina, Zambia, and Ireland just to name a few.

As a traveler, if you’re considering grad school, find an online master’s degree in diplomacy or similar program. You will be amazed how much of the world you unlock when you focus on global relations and traveling for future work.

Places to Consider

With steady ties warming between the U.S. and Cuba, visiting this country is definitely a place to consider. Remember that tourism is not allowed quite yet in Cuba, but there are numerous academic and volunteer opportunities available as an official reason of visit.

Many countries in Africa are also ideal with many opportunities present. There are programs geared towards volunteers to care for bees in Botswana if you’re feeling adventurous.

Australia also ranks high as an ideal destination. Its beautiful landscape and diverse animal population are ideal for an exotic getaway while also presenting great environmental opportunities for volunteers looking to save the environment.

With graduation just around the corner, settling down and finding a career may not be what you want to jump right into. If you still have a need to see the world, volunteer, and help others, see if some of these programs can get you out the door and on your way.

Author Bio

Brooke Chaplan writes on behalf of Norwich University.