Australia’s Five “Don’t Miss” Travel Destinations

Australia has so many fascinating places to visit that it’s hard to come up with only five, but anyone traveling to Australia must see or experience these in their lifetime: Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, Cage dive with the Great White Sharks, visit Kakadu National Park, Fraser Island, and Kangaroo Island. Get ready for some fun and adventure!

Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, located just off the coast of Queensland, is home to the world’s largest coral reef. The views are breathtaking and you’ll come away with a deeper appreciation for the “under the sea world” that you can only see here. There are numerous species of fish, turtles, sharks, and dolphins found in over 2900 coral reefs and 600 islands. With more than 2,300 kilometers (1,400 miles) to explore, it truly is a diver’s paradise. If you aren’t a diver, then try snorkeling, charter a boat, or fly over this phenomenon. Whatever you do, make this your priority to see when visiting Australia!

Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be up close and personal with a Great White Shark? For a thrilling adventure, visit Port Lincoln. South Australia and see for yourself. You’ll be protected by a metal cage while wearing a wetsuit and mask. The crystal clear waters offer an opportunity of a lifetime to view these magnificent creatures. Sound vibrations are used to attract them from all different directions. Don’t forget your underwater camera!

Kakadu National Park

The park is located in Australia’s Northern Territory in the Alligators River Region. It’s a huge nature preserve and is Australia’s largest national park. It’s also rich in Aboriginal cultural sites. It has a wide variety of birds, insects, plants, reptiles, and mammals, so if you love nature, you’ll think you’ve landed in heaven. Some of the birds you’re most likely to see is the endangered Gouldian finch, white-browed robins, canary white-eyes, and sandstone shrike-thrushes. Both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles make their homes here, as well as dingoes, antilopine kangaroos, and agile wallabies. Be sure to see some of the parks beautiful waterfalls, gorges, and Aboriginal rock art that makes this park truly spectacular.

Fraser Island

It’s the world’s largest sand island off the coast of Queensland. It has amazing lakes, including Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby that are both great to swim in. Lake McKenzie is one of the clearest lakes in the world and contains only rainwater with low pH waters. The sand is pure white and is amazing to walk on. It’s a favorite place for tourists to gather to relax and enjoy a little slice of paradise.

Kangaroo Island

It’s located off the mainland of South Australia and is Australia’s third largest island. You can fly or take a ferry to get there. Flinders Chase National Park is a large attraction on the island, known for its wildlife. Cape du Couedic is found at the southwestern point of the park where you’ll find striking Remarkable Rocks granite formations. Not far away is the famous Admirals Arch, a rock bridge with a fur seal colony. Visitors love to see the natural habitat for kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas. There are also wine tours, kayaking tours, and wildlife tours on the island. Do you like to surf? Then bring along your surfboard to try out some of the waves.

Visiting Australia should be on everyone’s bucket list. With its vast array of scenic views, beaches, parks, and wildlife, both on land and offshore, your trip of a lifetime is just waiting for your arrival. Start planning your trip today so you’ll be able to cross it off your bucket list!

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