Top Honeymoon and Wedding Destinations

Looking for that special wedding place can be both a beautiful and a frustrating task. You have to appeal to everyone of your guest’s tastes since a bunch of people will be coming and you want to make everyone happy. Most of all, you want to make your significant other and yourself happy and you can’t wait to go to that glowing honeymoon you’ve both been looking forward to. Ever think about doing both at the same place? Think about it; as soon as your wedding is done and your guests have left, the two of you don’t have to go through the trouble of traveling long distances to get to that special place you’ve both wanted. Why not arrange the wedding and your honeymoon at the same place? Let’s take a look at some of the options you could consider:

The English Countryside

Starting off our list, we have the Cliveden House, built in the 17th century and serving as a backdrop for newlyweds from all across the world. Its appeal rests in its rich history, spanning from George I himself. If afternoon tea and walks around the estate followed by your own butler are your thing, consider the Cliveden estate as your wedding and honeymoon place; it’s a quick hour’s trip from London and caters to all of your lovebird needs.

Another great idea for a wedding location is Suffolk. Located on England’s east coast, this place is an ideal spot for a more traditional ceremony. Surrounded by breathtaking sceneries and rouged wildlife, Suffolk features a wealth of restaurants and comfortable accommodation facilities too. Explore the natural landscapes and check out Constable Country where you can easily relax and gather your thoughts by the sea just before the big day.


The Mandarin Oriental Milan opens its doors to couples and weddings. With more than a hundred rooms available, Oriental offers a taste of classic Italian culture that has no rival. Milan is one of the building blocks of Renaissance Italy, and offers everything you’d possibly need as a newly-wed couple. From its sheer number of fashion shows and stores, to the opera house and museums, Milan is a sight to behold, and a perfect place to spend that special time together when the guests have gone about.

Saint Bart’s

If white beaches, summer breeze, and tropic climate are your thing, you can’t go wrong with Saint Bart’s island in the Caribbean. The La Guanahani hotel and resort has recently undergone a $40 million renovation and opened 10 suites that are ready of newly-weds from all around the globe. The resort itself offers plenty of options for your wedding venue as well, with its 22 beaches and numerous bars and restaurants; it’s up to you to choose. For all the couples looking for a laid-back and energetic wedding, look no further than Saint Bart’s.

Las Vegas

Spending your wedding and honeymoon in Sin City is something to remember for a long time. The vast amount of options in Las Vegas is endless, with hotels like Delano offering everything you’d need for an outdoor balcony or closed venue. It’s up to you to choose your preferences. When the wedding itself is done, the honeymoon part comes as easy as taking a limo to a different hotel. The Four Seasons lets couples spend time in their special “for two” deals; with helicopter rides in and around Las Vegas to boot. The city itself offers an unlimited array of shops, walkways, and famous casinos for you and your loved one to try your luck. Whatever your preferences may be, Sin City will provide.

While it may sound like a daunting task at first, finding that special place to serve you as both a honeymoon and a wedding destination is easier than it seems. After all, it’s the people that make for the experience, not just the location. Whatever you end up deciding, you won’t go wrong; it’s who you are with that matters; and you’re going for it with your most beloved person in the world. Wow your guests with a cottage-like wedding and they’ll remember the event for the rest of their lives.

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