Himalayas Travel – Thrill, Mysticism and Natural Splendor of Places Seemingly Untouched

Planning a trip to Himalaya is a courageous decision that takes time and careful thinking about how and where to actually go. It takes skill and persistence to make it through some of the most beautiful (and often dangerous) sights the Himalayan mountain range has to offer, but the payoff is worth if for most, since it’s one of the most memorable places on Earth, often being said that it feels like a different Earth entirely.

That being said, there are places to visit and sights to see even if you’re not the adventurous hiking type. Plentiful villages and temples offer a chance to take a peek at one of the most mystical and ancient religions in the world; Buddhism. So what are some of the activities and sights that you can partake in?

The Chadar Trek

Exploring the Chadar Trek is something both adventurous and casual visitors can enjoy. Trekking across the Himalayan mountain paths on foot is a dream come true for anyone who spends their time in the busy streets of modern cities. The Ladakh trekking paths offer an excursion into the unknown, stretching close to 40 miles and while dangerous in a way that a part of it includes crossing a frozen river, it’s also a path that’s widely known and often traveled by, so picking up a guide or joining a group might be smart.


Often considered the best hiking destination in India, the Har Ki Doon Valley is a must for anyone wanting to experience what Himalaya have to offer on foot. The valley itself is shaped like cradle and offers the hikers a chance to walk across the endless fields of Himalayan wildflowers and since it’s shape is specific, finding yourself in the center of it lets you feel like a part of a different world, with mountains and hills all around you and nothing but the sounds and smells of untouched and pure nature to keep you company. Consider it if you’re in for a more light-hearted venture without any dangerous routes or equipment prerequisites.

Mountian Biking

The vast roads and paths that Himalaya offer are often considered a dream come true for bikers looking for an adrenaline rush. While it might take some training and experience before you dare crossing the famous Zanskar in the Western Himalaya; you will soon realize that it’s worth it. Through the Kullu Valley and towards the station of Manali, it crossed wide landscapes and sights that will remain in your memory for years to come.


Or as it’s called in India, “whitewater rafting” on the River Ganga is a thing to remember and brag about doing. As with biking, it takes training and skill to be able to handle these dangerous and challenging waters, but the river itself offers many places to start at, so if you’re only in for it for the bragging rights, you can join the currents in Brahmpuri and ride them all the way to the end since this route is mean for everyone to enjoy. It doesn’t have to be life-threatening to be enjoyable, and the plentiful sights and mountains along the way offer a story or two to tell once you’re done.


The jewel of Himalaya is Tibet, a region full of exceptional treks, fabulous monasteries, and breathtaking scenery. It prides with the world’s highest mountains and it will guarantee a memorable adventurous travel experience. Come meet the people of Tibet; get a feel of their customs and traditions, and explore its most untouched wild spots. Tibet is spiritual, adventurous and breathtaking. You’ll see here places you’ve never seen before, so you should definitely include it in your Himalayan journey.

There’s really no wrong answer when venturing into luxury Himalaya holidays; it comes down to personal preference and skill-set, but one thing is for certain: There’s a story to be told for each traveler that decides to go to Himalaya, and each one is a world for itself, since the place is untouched by the modern way of living, and offers a spiritual journey unlike any other. Dare to give it a chance and you’ll enjoy the most thrilling and exhilarating vacation of your life.

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Edward Francis is a regular travel blogger who writes here on behalf of ShaktiHimalaya.com!