5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Holidays are a time to wave Goodbye to everyday concerns, head out to explore the world, and spend time with your loved ones doing the things you all enjoy. Sounds idyllic, right? It is not, really – that is just a dream of a perfect vacation travel agencies want you to believe. According to recent studies, the odds of an accident or a bout of ill health befalling you during a vacation are the same as (if not greater than) the likelihood of sustaining an injury or coming down with a virus on a regular work day. Who would have thought that vacation is not synonymous with well-being, right? Fret not: you can still have your holiday and good health granted you follow these simple guidelines.

1. Run a regular medical check-up before departure

The last thing you want is to fall ill during the journey or soon upon arrival at the hotel, and wind up bed-locked for the rest of the holiday. Before departing, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider and have your physician run a checkup and blood tests to make sure you are fit for the trip. If you are traveling abroad, your doctor will also be able to inform you about required vaccinations based on destination country, and recommend medicines you should pack for the trip in line with your itinerary and current health status.

2. A first-aid kit for times of dire travel need

Even with a shipshape medical profile, you should still assemble a first aid kit to keep your health bases covered in case of an odd vacation emergency. Pack sterile gauze, band aids, cold compresses, antiseptic wipes, fever remedies, painkillers, aspirin, sunscreen, insect repellents, rash ointments, antibiotics, tweezers, and a thermometer. In case you suffer from a chronic condition, check expiration dates on your prescription medications and pack a sufficient dosage of medicines to last you until you return home. If you are prone to digestive problems during times of travel, check online reviews for different probiotics before heading out and pick a brand that offers instant relief for your usual symptoms.

3. Cleanliness is half your health, especially on the go

Your mom was right: hygiene is half your health, both at home and on the go. When ordering meals at your destination, avoid snacks sold from street stalls and grimy diners: not all catering facilities observe food-grade sanitation standards, and that delicious-looking sandwich may in fact contain a bacterial seasoning. Also, remember to wash your hands regularly and stick to bottled water. The tummies of locals are used to tap water, but that does not mean your digestive system will painlessly adapt to a different chemical makeup of local H2O.

4. No dietary cheating, no workout skipping

However mouth-watering, holiday treats are still diet cheats, so be very careful with your food selection during a vacation unless you want to return home with a few extra pounds. The same goes for your training agenda: you may be off the hook in terms of work and chores, but your shape will quickly go out of the window if you start skipping workouts on the holiday excuse. If possible, book training sessions at a local gym for the duration of your stay immediately upon arrival, or include leisure activities that require a bit of sweat and moderate physical strain in your holiday agenda.

5. Make time for quality nourishment on the fly

However exciting your vacation may be, meal skipping is a major No-no. Yes, you should avoid spicy, fatty, and heavily seasoned local foods and stay away from grubby eateries, but your body will still need fuel on a long day of fun and exploration. If you intend to spend hours walking, swimming, or just soaking in the sun at the beach, bring along some fruit, dry snacks, pre-cooked food, and a bottle of water to avoid dehydration and hunger on the fly.
Health and safety are a priority both at home and during a holiday. Do not lock yourself out of fun on your next vacation: follow these simple tips and make sure your travel enjoyment does not get in the way of your well-being.