5 Ways That Twitter Can Take Your Travel Business to the next Level


Twitter just celebrated its 10th birthday and we can’t deny that Twitter has done wonders for businesses and brands around the world. Managing and maintaining social media accounts for any business can take time and effort, but if done right, this handy (and free!) tool can increase your sales and add value. Take Twitter, for example, there are 236 million monthly active users and even though you can’t target all of those users, you can hone into the ones that matter for your business by engaging and using the right Twitter tactics and breaking through the clutter. How can you market correctly to new leads and followers?

First, focus on your target so you know who you’re exactly marketing to. Who are you trying to reach? Are you looking for a certain demographic of age, location, or income? A couple different ways to find these people is to scan through hashtags and other Twitter accounts. When searching via hashtags, you can use Twitter’s search bar to sift through hashtags by typing in #LuxuryTravel or #TravelLife, just to name a few of the thousands of hashtags combinations. If you find someone who you think would be a great client, follow them! You can also go to other Twitter accounts who might have followers that are similar to the demographic you are looking for and follow them too. For example, if you are searching for travelers who go on Caribbean cruises, check out @RoyalCaribbean‘s Twitter account and not only see how they promote themselves in tweets, but check out their followers. Those will most likely be the same type of followers who are interested in the services you provide.

Once you begin to build your follower list and make a clear connection with the type of people you are targeting, you can begin strategizing your Twitter account. Here are five ways to make the most out of it:

1. Create an Inviting and Informative Account

It’s all about the first impression. When someone finds their way on your Twitter profile, you want to make sure that you are fully branded and that the person knows what you are all about right away. Build an awesome profile page by including a high-res image of your logo as your avatar (if you’re a travel agent for a company, you can use a high-quality headshot). Add a fun photo as your cover image, choose something that represents your company, maybe a good photo of the entire staff or choose to stick with a beautiful landscape image. You can find high-res and free images to use on stock photo sites like Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay. You can even change the theme color on your profile by choosing a color hue or entering the hex number to match your brand colors.

Don’t forget about your Twitter bio! You get a whopping 160 characters to say something great and memorable. Use keywords that explain your business and what you specialize in. Try to keep it light and fun to entice people to follow you. Also, be sure to link to your website and give a location in the provided sections on the bio.

Check out a couple examples of great Twitter account profiles utilizing fun graphics and bios:

Matagalpa Tours

Lonely Planet

MP Travel Agency

2. Master the Tweet and Provide Steller Content

This might be fairly obvious, but to really rule Twitter, you need strong tweets that are both engaging and interesting. Lucky for you, Twitter has released fun features that make this easier. Some of the latest features include the ability to add GIFs (who doesn’t love a GIF?) and a polling feature where you can ask a question and gather feedback.

Use these fun Twitter elements to your advantage and do a good mix of sharing engaging articles, current promotions, and sharing personal trip photos and/or those from your clients. Tell a story with your Twitter account and we guarantee your followers will keep coming back for more.

Sending a great tweet out in the world isn’t the only thing you need to do to succeed, you also need to send it at the right time. According to recent Buffer research, the most popular time to tweet is at 1:00 pm local time. Consider using a scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to plan your tweets so that you can ensure that you’re sending them out to reach it’s fullest potential.

3. Create an Automated Direct Message or Tweet to Anyone Who Follows You

Have you ever received a direct message from someone right after you followed them on Twitter? Sometimes it can be annoying, but if done right, it can be effective. You can set up automated messages using a tool like Crowdfire to D.M. (direct message) someone after they follow you. If you decide to use this tool, think about something to say that they will actually be interested in. Instead of pitching your business right off the bat, invite them to your website or give them the opportunity to notify you if they have any vacation planning questions or would like to chat with a certified travel guru. You can also create a custom message to new followers by tweeting at them. Of course, that method will take a little more time, but it shows that you are really engaging.

4. Always be Following and Monitor Competitor Leads

An easy way to keep your Twitter game strong is to watch the competition. Keep a close eye on fellow Twitter competitors and watch how they interact with their followers. You never know when there’s a potential client who asked a question to your competitor but they didn’t respond because they don’t keep an eye on their Twitter account. You can quickly answer their question and acquire them as a new lead!

5. Always Monitor Mentions and Engagements

The most important rule of thumb when dominating your Twitter account is to always, always, always monitor your mentions and engagements. Being able to engage with someone is the reason why Twitter is so effective for businesses, so set up alerts on your phone and/or email so that you get notified every time someone engages with you.

Your turn: Does your travel business utilize Twitter? If so, what are your favorite things about connecting with followers and new leads?