15 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is a gorgeous country with a long history, is rich in culture, fine food, and very open and friendly people. It should be on every bucket list for the beauty, arts, history, and cuisine it offers.  Italian food is absolutely delicious, and nobody does it like the Italians. 

It’s impossible to list all of the famous people that Italy has given us. There’s Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, Florence Nightingale, Galileo, Sophia Loren, and that’s just to name a few. She offers you everything from extraordinary castles to stunning gardens and everything in between. This is a list of some of the most amazing places that Italy has to offer.

1. Grotte di Castellana is one of the most magnificent caves on the entire planet and is based in the town of Puglia. They say it was over 90,000,000,000 years in the past that the cave began to form. You’ll be taken to that “make-believe” land inside this cave.

2. Castel Savoia is located at the foot of Ranzola Hill.This castle was Queen Margherita’s residence in the nineteenth century. The building has five towers, and a rich rock garden with different types of botanical species and rare, scented herbs.

3. Isola di Loreto is a castle sitting smack dab in the middle of Lake Iseo and is owned privately. This Gothic castle was built in 1910 by Vincenzo Richeri, a captain in the Royal Navy.  He surrounded the entire castle with gardens of fir trees and a marina. The castle, walls, and towers are made of stones, and the entire castle sits on a rock overlooking the lake. The only way to get there is by ferry. 

4. Cascate del Varone means Niagara Varone in English and is another stunning waterfall. The view is absolutely breathtaking with the thundering waterfall falling through the luxuriant green mountains.

5. Civita di Bagnoregio is a small village in the province of Viterbo, Lazio and is eminently known as Italia’s “Jewel on the Hill.”  It’s over 2,500 years old and sits atop a hill surrounded by other hills. This magical town is fairly isolated but sees a lot of summer tourists.

6. Castello di Petroia is now a hotel bought in 1909 by David Sagrini and managed by the family.  It was a formally a castle and was built during the Middle Ages close to Gubbio, Umbria.  It’s well worth spending one night here.

7. Cascate delle Marmore is a picture painted by nature and sits amid Terni, Umbria. This mystical painting consists of green grassy meadows, thick forests, and deep gorges, overflowing streams, and roaring waterfalls. There have been artists and poets seeking inspiration in this unbelievable place.

8. Isola Bella, which means Beautiful Island, is in northern Italy in Lago Maggiore. A beautiful Borromeo Villa takes up the entire island along with its lush Italian gardens.  The gardens feature extremely rare plants and colorful flowers. Throughout the villa are priceless artworks. 

9. Ponte del Diavolo is known as The Bridge of the Devil associating it with folktales and myths.  It’s located in Tuscany and was built for Countess Mathilda of Canossa between1000-1600 AD. 

10. Erice Castle is also called the Castle of Venus which was dedicated by the Normans to Venus, the goddess. It stands upon Mount San Giuliano in Trapani, Sicily. This fortress was built in the 12th-Century and features two towers. It’s known to be one of the most treasured fortresses in all of the time.  

11. Ca’Sagredo Hotel is located right in Venice, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  This is considered a grand hotel and dates back to the 15th-Century. The hotel is recognized as a masterpiece of Venice.

12. Lago di Como is in Lombardy and is the third largest lake in Italy. There are magnificent villas and palaces surrounding the lake, and many artists get their inspiration here. The glamor of this lake and its surroundings is stunning.

13. Bosco Monumentale del Sasseto is located in the Lazio region. It sits at the base of the Tower Alfina castle. This forest is bursting with stately trees and trails going between rocks and huge boulders. Here there are birds singing, strangely twisted branches, little wildflowers, moss, and wild ferns. It truly is an enchanted forest.

14. Venice, built on the water, is one of Italy’s most legendary cities. And, it’s famous for being one of the most romantic cities in the world. The romance begins with a ride in a gondola and continues with an espresso in one of their cafes. In the center of the city, there’s the Plazzo San Marco. Here are more artistic masterpieces per square km than anywhere else in the world. 

15. Verona is a lovely city made famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It’s Roman Arena is Italy’s third largest. The coastline here has five medieval villages that are brilliantly colored and are clinging to the cliffs.

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