7 Reasons You Need to Write Your Own Travel Diary

The next time you take a vacation, consider keeping a travel journal. There are so many wonderful benefits to recording your travels. You will never regret the time you spend writing about your memories and experiences. Here are 7 reasons why you need to keep your own travel diary.

1. To Keep Photos with their Stories

If you have a great photo, write the story in your diary, and paste in the photo. When you go back and read it, you’ll get even more out of the picture and the story.

2. To Enhance Your Memories

As you get into the habit of writing every day, you’ll become more observant and pay closer attention to the things happening around you. The reason for this is to be able to record your days more accurately, but the memories you create will last far beyond writing your diary entry.

3. To Network with Other Travelers

Instead of stashing business cards in your purse or backpack, paste them into your diary along with a description of the person. You’ll be able to look back later to get the information, and you’ll have a better memory of the meeting.

4. To Have a Distraction When Eating Alone

If you’re traveling alone, you’ll likely spend a lot of time eating in restaurants or sitting in coffee shops alone. Instead of just eating, spend the time writing in your journal. It’s both productive and relaxing.

5. To Help Friends Who May Travel There

Have you ever told a friend about your vacation and had them ask what restaurants or hotels you recommend? If you keep a travel journal, you’ll be able to give them some really valuable information – not just a hotel name, but also a full itinerary of fun things to do!

6. To Find Inspiration

As you write, you might get inspired to try new things or visit new places just so you’ll have more to write about! It’s a great way to get inspired.

7. To Share Your Story with Friends and Family

Instead of spending hours on long-distance calls, you could start a travel blog to keep them updated on the day to day.

How to Successfully Keep a Travel Journal

Choose the Right Medium: You can keep a journal as a book or a blog. If you are writing just for yourself, a physical journal might be best. Choose one that you find attractive and that you actually want to write in. If you want to share your travels with friends and family, a blog is a

Use Writing Tools: If you write a blog, there are some great online tools that can improve the process. As a way to keep yourself motivated, you can write your entries in 750Words, which gamifies the writing process and rewards you for writing 750 words a day. NinjaEssays can help with editing and proofreading before you publish. And if you need the right ambiance to get the writing flowing, you can use Coffitivity.

Take Notes Throughout the Day: As you come across things you want to remember, jot down a few notes so you won’t forget. This can come in handy if you need to remember the name of that restaurant you wanted to visit.

Write Every Day: You absolutely must write every day! When you travel, your days are full. There is so much to record every day. If you miss a day, it’s easy to fall behind.

If you keep a travel journal, you will be able to relive your best memories over and over! It’s one of the best investments you can make with your valuable vacation time. And it is always worth it!

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