Finland Travel: Interesting Facts That Will Make You Fall in Love with the Country

There are many reasons tourists fall in love with the Finns and their beloved Finland. Located in Europe, this beautiful country is famous for its stunning lakes, vast horizons and abundant vegetation. Finland’s crisp air, cutting-edge urban life and endless winter eerie make it an ideal travel destination for people around the world. Known as the “land of a thousand lakes”, travelers will be amazed by the nation’s vast forests, spectacular places of interest, and thrilling activities.

The city lights of Helsinki

In spite of never-ending vegetation, Finland prides with exquisite cities, vibrant nightlife and spectacular attractions. Its capital Helsinki is an avant-garde urban space with music scenes, world-famous design, and enticing architecture. In terms of relaxation, tourists will find here great island restaurants, quirky bars and stylish accommodation facilities to delight in. Get a taste of Finland by trying out their local food, and after that walk through the city center to admire the lights and feel like you belong at least for a couple of minutes.

The activities

What you see here depends on the season. Regardless, there’s always something to do, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll get bored. There’s something here for everyone. Packed with vast forest routes, picture-perfect lakes and a really diverse fauna, Finland offers some pretty amazing mountain activities for adventurers including, canoeing, hiking, climbing, kayaking, and trekking. There’s also an astounding network of parks here; among some of the most renowned, we should mention Leivonmäki and Pyhä-Häkki, both in Central Finland. Elks and bears are pretty common here, so there’s no reason to run away if you see one.

Winter in Finland is magical

If you’re looking for a magical winter place to spend your vacation, then you shouldn’t look any further. Finland’s the answer! The winter season here is absolutely magical. The Polar nights begin in November and they last for about 2 months. This is when the sun barely rises above the horizon, which means it’s always dark outside, whether you’re having breakfast, lunch or dinner. For many tourists, this is a fascinating fact. The darkness though is not entirely black. The shades of blue, purple and violet emerging on the sky creates the most surreal landscape. Together with the white snow on the ground and sparkling stars, Finland becomes this heavenly place most people get to see only once in their lives.

Idyllic Porvoo

Finland’s most picturesque and idyllic districts is Porvoo. This traditional place is packed with old-fashioned houses, cobbled streets, and beautiful customs the people here still abide by. It is a hidden spot where tourists get the chance of a lifetime – to see how the locals really live like. There’s a stone church overlooking the hill, as well as a river valley that will instantly get you undivided attention. Porvoo is best admired in the summer, and it is located at a one hour drive from Helsinki.

There are plenty of wooden buildings in the area, lots of cozy shops, historical sites, delightful cafes and top-notch restaurants you should definitely try out. In winter, Porvoo is an exquisite spot for taking photos. The blend of traditional houses and endless snow transform it into a lovely vacation spot that will leave you speechless.

The Northern Lights of Finland

The Aurora Borealis is Finland’s most alluring light show. Best admired at night, during the winter season, this natural phenomenon gathers hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Since the lights are visible for about 200 nights per year, you cannot miss out on the opportunity. The best place to admire the Northern Lights is from the Finnish Lapland. Spot them skiing or stick to a safer alternative, the snowmobile. The adventure will exceed all your expectations!

But there’s more to Lapland than meets the eye. Leaving aside the Aurora, travelers who choose to come in the summer will get the chance to see the Midnight Sun. If you’re in luck, you might even get a glimpse of the Sami people. Finland is a magical travel destination. Packed with incredible attractions, unique phenomena, and fabulous customs and traditions, this place will become a memorable spot you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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