8 Reasons Why Expats Love the Asian Ambiance

Many travelers love to explore Asia for its unique Asian ambiance, while a growing number of expats have the same reason for choosing to stay. Studies show that Asia, in addition to being a fast-growing regional economy and having an expanding labor market, offers many lifestyle options for expats. From housing options and tropical islands to delicious food and good schools for their kids, Asia offers a range of great possibilities.

Are you wondering about a friend or kin’s compelling reasons for moving to Asia? Or was it something you’ve seen or read somewhere that piqued your curiosity about the Asian life? Read on and understand 8 of the most important reasons why expats love to live in Asia.

1. Rich Cultural Diversity

Asia houses many of world’s richest and most diverse cultures. And with technology advancements, Asia has become even richer and more diverse. As a result, expats get to enjoy the ambiance of both the old and the new world in Asia. The concept of “fusion” or mixed culture is now common. Asian architecture, for instance, has a growing trend in vacation or home accommodations where traditional aesthetics productively interact with modern comforts and outside influences. Facets of Asian culture delightfully surprise many expats, but the diversity also makes it easy for expats to experience and marvel at something familiar in the unfamiliar.

2. Overwhelming Delicacies

Food is one of the best things expats love about Asia. The smell of the spices is enough for many expats to recognize the Asian atmosphere. There is an unlimited array of delicacies, from the exotic to the fast food variety. Health-conscious expats have also found paradise in Asia, where succulent fruits and vegetables are in abundance. Food bursting with flavors are big hits, too. Think of Asian foods known the world over, such as Thailand’s tom yum soup, the Indian curry, the Korean kimchee, the Japanese sushi, and Chinese chow mien! Expats indulge in Asian cuisine and can stay healthy in the process. Talk about quality food and Asia is one of the best places expats can have a bite of everything.

3. Hard-to-Forget Sceneries

What is one thing the Great Wall, the Angkor Wat, the Banaue Rice Terraces and the Taj Mahal have in common? They are top travel destinations all located in Asia. Yet, to limit what you can see in Asia to these sites would do injustice to the continent. It’s difficult for expats to feel constrained in the Asian setting because of its many unforgettable sceneries. There is simply so much to see and do in Asia, giving expats endless reasons to be excited about exploring. Great hotel resorts offer reasonable prices, and cheap yet comfortable accommodations are also available for the more budget-conscious. From mega-cities to remote tropical islands, Asia offers a wealthy selection of adventure, history, and culture which expats enjoy.

4. Friendly and Welcoming People

Asians in general, are culturally wired to be respectful and friendly. From the respectful terms used for elders to the social and religious codes of proper manners, Asian ways of life almost have built-in respect in them. Politeness and deference are some of the first things expats notice and appreciate about Asia. When going to the market, for instance, expats can easily encounter smiling faces ready to assist them with the items they’re looking for. As it is customary in many Asian countries to establish good relations, shaking hands is usually accompanied by gestures such as touching the heart or bowing to express good will and respect. With Asia’s communal practices, it’s no wonder why expats feel welcome and at home.

5. Fast-Growing Economy

In this age of globalization, Asia is where opportunities beckon for many expats. Outward-looking enterprises and small business create a progressive environment that is spreading fast throughout Asia. It’s no longer only in Singapore, Japan or China where expats can find work and a place to call home. Emerging markets are also on the rise. Nontraditional entrepreneurial ventures are also becoming the trend, and they allow expats to gain insight into the local culture and language. In Asia, work and culture complement one another, and the local-global approach of many Asian companies makes many expats feel more connected.

6. Warm and Sunny Climate

Asia’s welcoming people are matched by its warm and sunny climate. And with the interconnected and budget-friendly flights available, it has become easier for expats to hop around. The continent is considered to have many of the best beach accommodations expats frequently visit. Some people wonder why expats and travelers keep coming back to Asian beach destinations like Boracay. Well, with English becoming more widely used and with world-class amenities complementing the picture perfect beaches, the reasons are clear why Boracay and other beach hotspots in Asia are paradises for tourists and expats alike.

7. Big Dreams Come True

According to the annual InterNational survey of Expat Insider, a good number of expats choose to live in Asia for various reasons, such as higher income and business opportunities. The reasons of expats may vary, but they all come down to making the dream of a good life possible at a friendlier cost compared to the US or Europe.

Many expats have also found Asia to be conducive for their startup businesses because of the booming economy, tax benefits, and talented labor force. As a business hub with lower living costs, many Asian countries are attracting more expats to set up shop here and reap financial benefits.

8. Boredom is Almost Impossible

It’s more exciting for expats to live in Asia. Maybe it’s the sense of adventure and risk? Or the endearing and nostalgic moments such as feeling unrestricted to eat street food or play outdoors? For many expats, Asia provides the freedom to live life with less pretensions and more ties with nature and other people. Think of the creative modes of public transportation in Asia, from the tuk-tuk in Cambodia to the jeepneys in the Philippines. These are not available in Western countries, but they are part of the communal life that many expats have grown to love.

You’ve seen or read about Asia somewhere, but it’s a whole different thing to live and experience “Asia” first-hand. Many travelers have visited Asia and then decided to stay given the many possibilities of work, culture, and overall quality of living. And with the world becoming closer and even more connected, the future seems bright for soon-to-be expats who will call Asia their home.

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