5 of the World’s Most Beautiful Countries

We are living in a world that has amazing countries. There are about 200 countries in the world and some of them are immensely beautiful and breathtaking that makes you feel living there for the rest of your life. In this article you will get to know a little bit about the world’s five most beautiful countries that you must visit once in a lifetime. You will also get to know about the tourist attractions of each country.


Greece is one of the most beautiful places in the world and one of the most romantic places best for the couples to visit. This place has beautiful buildings and tourist attractions that can win their hearts and make them stay here for years. Greece is personally one of my favorite countries or lets say it’s my “dream place”. The capital of this country is Athens which itself is a beautiful city. Santorini is the number one tourist attraction of the Greece while Mykonos, Meteora, Delphi Theatre, Myrtos beach are some other attractions of the Greece.


Italy is another most beautiful country of the world having amazing cities out of which Venice is one of the famous and most romantic cities of the world. Rome is the capital of Italy which is an ancient city having beautiful architectures. The main attractions of the Italy are the canals of Venice, Colosseum, Santa Maria del Fiore, Piazza Del Campo, Pompeii, Positano, Lake Como, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Manarola and San Gimignano.


Since childhood everyone must have heard about one country for sure as the world’s most beautiful country that is Switzerland and yes no doubt it is one of the most beautiful countries of the world experiencing millions of tourists. the capital of this country is Bern. The Jungfrau Region, Chateau de Chillon, swiss national park, Fasnacht Spring Carnival, Geneva, the Matterhorn, St.Moritz, St. Gallen, Mt Pilatus and the Rhine falls are the best tourist attractions of Switzerland.


Madrid being the capital of Spain itself is a beautiful city. Spain is in the top ten list of the world’s most beautiful countries. Some of the tourist attractions of Spain are: Palacio Real, Running of the bulls, La Concha, Aqueduct of Segovia, Curnca, Ibiza, Sagrada Familia, El Escorial, Mezquita of Cordoba, Alhambra.


Thailand is world’s most beautiful country having the maximum numbers of tourists each year. There are a number of tourist attractions in Thailand which are amazing some of the tourist attractions of Thailand are: Ko Tarutao, Ayuthaya, Ko Chang, Grand Palace, Similan Islands, Chiang Mai Night, Railay, Phang Nga Bay, Koh Tao, Ko Phi Phi. These tourist spots make Thailand most visited country of the world especially people love going to Phi Phi Island as it is an amazingly beautiful place.

These were the five countries of the world that are really beautiful and one must visit these places once in a lifetime. These countries are the dream places of millions of people including me as Greece is personally one of my favorite countries.

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