Four Best: Summer Bachelorette Destinations

Summer…the busiest time of year for bachelorettes, in the run-up to the full rush of wedding season starting in June. You’ll be sure to run into (a lot of) other bachelorettes in any of the cities below, but all for good reasons:


When summer (finally) makes its way to Chicago, the city spills outside and you’re treated to an amazing set of outdoor dining, bars, and lake and riverfront activities. There are too many great options to list out, but some of our current favorites are a trolley-based bar crawl, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding in Lake Michigan, and taking advantage of Chicago’s long list of stellar restaurants. (And make sure to save some room on Sunday morning to sample some of the city’s latest food obsession – designer donuts.)


It’s true, Nashville can get hot and sticky during the summer months. But that’s no reason to skip one of the best (and most popular) bachelorette destinations of the past few years. (Just add more ice to your sweet tea!) In the summer months, Nashville’s bar and music scene is still busy, while you’re slightly less likely to run into a hundred other bachelorettes on any given Saturday, making your bestie’s celebration a little more special. Favorite activities include slowride pub crawling, eating all the biscuits and hot chicken in town, and visiting all the honkey tonks on Broadway.


Montreal has been a consistent destination for bachelor parties, but the bachelorette scene is fast catching up. In the summer, you can fully enjoy Montreal’s beauty (a bike tour can be particularly fun) while still getting your full share of pampering (it’s a great city to get blow-outs and spa time) before evening club time.


While Boston may not have a reputation as party capital, it’s a great option for a more chill bachelorette, and offers easy access to the Cape, Nantucket, or even Maine for the outdoorsy or beach lover in your life. Spend one night at a swanky rooftop bar in Boston and then get your crew out onto the water followed by a clambake on the beach if you want to combine a classy night out with a more relaxed break.

This article is the fourth in a series from bachelorette planning service My Best Friend’s Weekend. See their previous articles on fall, winter, and spring.