The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist For 90s Kids

Ready or not, here it comes, you can’t hide. This ultimate road trip mixtape comes straight from the 90s and features almost five hours and 71 hit songs that your inner Millennial will truly madly love.

Just picture yourself rollin’ on Ocean Avenue, under the bridge past waterfalls and the most scenic roadside landscapes, faster than a cannonball with these good ole’ 90s jams bursting from your car stereo like a champagne supernova.

No scrubs, no one to ask you “why don’t you get a job?”. Just the BFFs and the usual basket cases livin’ la vida loca, gettin’ jiggy with it on classics you can sing along to, that remind you of your first crushes and your best nights out.

This playlist will make your ride smell like teen spirit and make you say good riddance to the hard knock life and hello to the best time of your semi-charmed life. Welcome to Paradise, baby!

Hey, let’s make this playlist even better. You know of a song that should make the 90s road trip playlist? Tell us about it in the comments. You oughta know, it’s like the New Radicals say: “you get what you give!”