The Top 10 Things to Do in Nashville, TN

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Nashville, or sometimes referred to as “Nashvegas”, is the home of country music, nightlife and lots of entertainment. There’s truly something for everyone in this town. We’re breaking it down with our favorite top picks in Nashville:

Country Music Hall of Fame

When visiting Nashville, one must always spend a little time getting to know country music. After all, this is where it all began. The Country Music Hall of Fame will transport you back in a time when a fiddle and a banjo was one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Then take you through the decades of music before dropping you off into today’s biggest hits.

There’s even a self-guided tour available for all to enjoy and take everything in that the Country Music Hall of Fame has to offer. Don’t miss Elvis’s eccentric car and check out Trisha Yearwood’s own job application to work at the Hall of Fame!

Loveless Cafe

Biscuits, red-eye gravy, mac and cheese–it’s all you need in life. At least you’ll soon discover that after enjoying a meal at Loveless Cafe! The establishment is found on Highway 100 and used to be a motel where many truckers and musicians driving through would stay. Now it has been converted into a larger cafe as well as gift shops where you can take home biscuit mix and yummy preserves!

Side note: Travefy’s Community Outreach Manager, Stephanie, claims that this is the best food she has ever eaten in her life!

Ryman Auditorium

Catching a show at the Ryman Auditorium can feel like a religious experience (or maybe that’s just because you sit in pews). It was built in 1891 and is the actual home of the Grand Ole Opry, between the years of 1943 to 1974. Today, you can catch shows in the concert hall featuring numerous gospel, country, indie, and pop stars.

Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge

Enjoy a smaller dose of Tootsie’s at Nashville International Airport or head downtown (behind the Ryman Auditorium) to take it all in. Tootsie’s is a historic Honky Tonk bar whose first famous customers were Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline. The two stages in the bar host live local talent every night, that once included Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean!

Want a preview before you go? You can watch a live cam of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge all day long!

Bell Meade Plantation

This historic Bell Meade plantation and mansion now functions as a museum and winery. It’s a beautiful place to spend the afternoon and go on a tour to learn about the history behind the plantation, from the civil war, slavery, and the family that once occupied the mansion. You can also enjoy free wine tastings from the on-site winery.

Grand Ole Opry

When traveling to Nashville, you can’t pass up the Grand Ole Opry! Whether you’re able to catch a show or just go on a tour, it’s sure to be a great time. Even non-country music fans say the tour is a pure delight to learn about the history behind this legendary place.

Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

Whether you’re choosing the Opryland Resort to stay at during your trip or you’re just swinging through – it’s definitely a must see in Nashville. This hotel has a large atrium buzzing with shops and restaurants. Stop by for a bite to eat and walk around the indoor scenery before hitting the Grand Ole Opry (right next door) for a show or tour.

Hatch Show Print

You’ll find Hatch Show Print right next to the Country Music Hall of Fame and it can even be part of your Hall of Fame tour! This legendary print shop has created many concert posters throughout the years for numerous concerts in Nashville and all over the world. When visiting, watch fresh posters roll off the printer and even purchase the pieces to take home! There is also a classroom and workspace that offer hands-on printing demonstrations.

If you go to a Grand Ole Opry show, you can get your print for the show you’re seeing too!

Bluebird Cafe

If you’re a fan of ABC’s TV show Nashville, you’re aware of the popularity of the Bluebird Cafe. This music club is known for it’s intimate and acoustic performances. It only seats 90 people, so if you want to enjoy a show here be sure to make your reservations early (even a week ahead). If you don’t have reservations, you can try your luck and get there early enough to snag the few remaining seats.

The Escape Game

The Escape Game is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s best to go with a small group of people and you’ll be placed in a real-life adventure game. Your group will be placed in a situation and you have one hour to work together cracking codes and figuring your escape. There are different games to play for every level with all kinds of game-bending strategies.

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