Free Things to do in NYC

As I excitedly start to plan my trip for NYC in October I look down at my wallet and remind myself that most of my trip budget is going to be spent on the ticket alone. Then I continue planning and make a list of all the cool things I’ll be able to do with just myself, my camera, and most importantly, a closed wallet.

The words ‘free’ and ‘New York’ don’t usually go together. However I like to challenge myself to do the unheard of and try to put them together. And I have succeeded thanks to some original ideas and the help of some native New Yorkers.

Times Square

One of the more obvious ones is to walk around Times Square and take in all of the people the lights, if its night time, and just the aesthetic of the heart of the city that never sleeps. Be careful though, those street and sidewalk vendors are master minds at tricking you out of money. NOTHING OFFERED IS REALLY FREE.

Bronx Zoo (Wednesday)

If you find yourself out and about in the Bronx on a Wednesday, head over to New Yorks largest zoo for free. I mean who doesn’t like the zoo?

Central Park

For a leisurely stroll and some more people watching, Central Park is always an option for the budgeted traveler. One place I’ll definitely have to snap a couple pictures of while I’m there. Who could resist a huge part with a view of the skyline and an awesome bridge?

Little Italy or China Town

One of my biggest photography goals is to get some rad pics of both of these mini worlds inside NYC. Traveling down there is definitely a must just to see how different they are compared to the rest of NYC.

Museum of Modern Art (Fridays)

For all you art lovers you can spend 4-8 p.m. soaking up some of the most brilliant works for free.

Free Summer Concert Series

If you are there in the summer New York holds free concerts all over from the Bronx to Brooklyn. This website tells you who and where they hold the concerts. Free music is always a bonus.

Jimmy Fallon Taping

Although they hand out tickets at the beginning of the previous month for the next months shows you could always get a ticket and plan another trip? Which might backtrack on the free thing but hey it gives you a month to save right? Plus it’s a free ticket to JIMMY FALLON. Excuse me while I silently pray it’s a ticket for a show hosting One Direction *finds the closest fountain and dumps life savings in pennies into it*.

Although it’s not recommended to go to a lot of the ‘off the beaten path’ places in New York those are always options too. Just walking and seeing what you can find could lead you to some of the best free things you could find. Just please avoid alleyways at midnight. We don’t want to see you on an episode of Criminal Minds or SVU.

What are some other free things you’ve done in NYC? Let us know in the comments!