NYC Drinks that Clear Out Your Wallet

New York City, the Big Apple, the city of celebrities and high rollers. We love it. What we love even more is finding some of the most ridiculously expensive things we can and making you wish you could buy them as much as we do. Aren’t we just the worst?

So naturally when we thought of NYC we thought, why not find the most expensive drinks possible? And we did. Enjoy!

Ritz Champagne Cocktail $23

Created when experimenting with different mixes this cocktail is made with a high spirit, and high price, champagne that makes the drink a “happy” drink.

Where to get it: Raines Law Room

Krug Grand Cuvee Champagne $42

If you feel like a big spender for a night this is the glass of champagne for you. That’s right, I said glass. It’s not $42 a bottle but a GLASS.

Where to get it: Champagne Bar at the Plaza

The World Cocktail $50

Now this is the drink I’d save my tips to try. After mixing the liquors this cocktail is topped with a drizzle of 23-carat edible liquid GOLD-yes, you read that correctly. I’d pay to drink that. Then I could tell people I was made of gold.

Where to get it: The World Bar

Platinum Passion $1,500

And we thought $50 was outrageous. It only gets worse. This drink is made with “L’esprit de Courvoisier” champagne which costs around $6,000 per bottle. That’s my whole vacation savings on one drink. Unfortunately the Duvet is now closed so it may turn into a DIY cocktail.

Where to get it: Duvet

Martini on the Rock $10-15,000

Ever wanted to blow an entire semester of college or a new car’s worth of money on something tiny? Well here’s your chance.

This martini is served with a real diamond at the bottom of it. Because who doesn’t want a diamond sitting in your drink to look pretty? Oh, plan ahead because getting the drink requires a three day advanced reservation and an appointment with a jeweler. I didn’t need that women’s studies class anyway.

Where to get it: Algonquin Hotel

What crazy expensive and unbelievable cocktails have you tried while traveling? Share with us and give us some tips in the comments. We’d love to feature it in our next article.