How to Travel with a Group of Friends (and Stay Sane)

Traveling with a group of friends is both rewarding and challenging. You hope that by the end of the trip the rewards outweigh the challenges and we’re here to make sure that’s what happens to you! There are lots of things to consider when booking and traveling with a group – what types of things to do most people want to do, how much money does everyone want to spend…the list goes on and on.

Here are basic tips that every group traveling together should do before and during every trip together. Especially before, as that’s the prime time to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Creating the Perfect Group

Unfortunately, not everyone can stay sane in the same place at the same time–especially when traveling. Make sure that the group you’re traveling with are all on the same page, or at least willing to accommodate to everyone’s needs and possible changes the trip may bring. If you are traveling with a group that needs a little more managing, that’s okay! You can simplify the mess ahead of time by keeping the trip organized and well thought out before any craziness erupts.

Simple solution: Use Travefy to help plan your trip. Each traveler can even download the app for their iPhone or Android phone to stay in the loop and never again ask the question, “What are we doing?”.

Finding a Place to Go

Maybe you already know where you want to go…lucky you! For the rest of us trying to decide our fate, put these ideas into consideration:

  • How much money is everyone willing to spend?
  • How long can this trip last?
  • How many people are going?
  • Is this a low-key or party group of people?
  • How far is everyone willing to travel?

You can start answering these questions early on with Travefy. Don’t worry about filling in the details, instead focus on creating discussions, adding ideas, and asking questions. You can do all of these things within Travefy on the trip’s “Ideas & Discussion” page.

Keeping Constant Communication

Like mentioned above, use Travefy as your communication portal. Keeping communication tabs on everything is extremely important because no one wants to be left out and unheard. Say goodbye to endless group texts and confusing email chains, because no one enjoys those. Not to mention, half of the fun should be planning the trip!

Once the big decisions are made, like, where you’re traveling to, where the budget per person stands, etc.–it’s time to nail down the details. Where are you staying? If you have a larger group, consider renting an apartment, condo, or house. Everyone can contribute by searching in the “Discover” page on your trip. When someone finds a place that they like, they can save the idea (you can do this with hotels too).

Use the questions feature to narrow down places to stay and let everyone vote on a winner.

Use your imagination with the questions tool. You can use this to find a place to eat at each night, and even use it as a packing list or to-do checklist.


Don’t let money become the giant elephant in the room. Decide on price ranges ahead of time. There’s always going to be one person willing to pay more and one who wants to ball on a budget. Find a middle ground and establish the money situation early to avoid any awkward situations. Give a price range to stay around (example: $60-100/per person a night for lodging) and work within those means.

If you’re stuck with a bill or fronting the costs, don’t worry. Use the Travefy Expense tool to keep track of expenses and be sure that every participant pays back what they owe. No more running around constantly asking for people to pay you–yay!

Most importantly, have fun. We know that’s an obvious tip, but really take it all in and don’t get worked up over the petty things. Always remind yourself that you’re not just going on trip with your friends and family, you’re creating memories to last a lifetime! Something that goes wrong might end up becoming a funny story you tell for the rest of your life!