9 Great Hotels for Your Next Trip to Seattle

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Tourists, cyclists, and local residents can all agree that Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities on this side of the Missippi. Whether you are wandering around the Pike Place Market and eathing the most delicious minature donuts (or if you are anything like me, you will discover the dream called “Pitoshky” for the first time), or simply pariticpating in a sightseeing extravaganza across the city – Seattle will hub to cater to all of the needs you could possibly ask for. However, whatever it is that you seek in Seattle, there is one thing we all need: a place to sleep. Preceding my latest trip from Boise to Seattle, I compiled a list of hotels in the area, based on price and rating, and I wanted to share this list with you in hopes to make your next trip to Seattle even better!

MarQueen Hotel

The Marqueen Hotel is one of the most unique hotels I have ever seen. The hotel is modeled within a beautiful, 100-year-old building located two blocks from the Seattle Center. Aside from its prime location, this hotel offers prime accommodations; some of those being: breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Lizzy Lounge, a spa, and my favorite–free wifi.

Hotel Monaco

Hotel Monaco is the perfect hotel for the traveling pet owner, and will even provide food, water bowls, and a pet bed for any of your travel companions–with no extra charge! Granted, I know my cat would have a panic attack staying in a hotel, but it is nice to have that option. Aside from the pet-friendliness, this hotel is another beautifully built example of architecture, featuring a huge space to hold business meetins and the great Sazerac, for all of your Souther-inspired foods.

La Quinta Inn

If you are anyone who travels, you should be well aware of the La Quinta hotels. The Seattle location is incredible. Offering activities for children, a gym, and free wifi–this hotel is a prime location for the traveling family. While this hotel only offers free breakfast, this hotel is located about a half of a mile from the Pike Place Market. Giving you a perfect opportunity to eat a delicious Piroshky (seriously, try these masterpieces, the rock!)

Hyatt At Olive 8

The Hyatt at Olive 8 is incredible. Unlike the last few I have mentioned, this hotel has a very modern aesthetic and works to live up to that in every way. Featuring a full service spa, a 35-foot pool, and a 24-hour gym; this hotel is a one-stop shop for nearly any traveler in the Seatlle area. Located in downtown Seattle, this hotel is two blocks away from the Great Pike Place Market and caters to the business travelers due to it being located near the famous Washington State Convention & Trade Center.

Inn at the Market

If the aforementioned hotels somehow weren’t close enough to the Pike Place Market–look no further. This hotel is the go-to place for any tourist visiting the Seatle area. Even if you aren’t wanting to go out, this hotel offers a fantastic resteraunt, mini bars in the room, and free wifi.

Four Seasons Hotel

Artists? This hotel is within walking distance of the Seattle Art Museum and gives you an incredible view of the bay that will inspire you to create your own art! This hotel is incredibly close to the Seattle Aquarium, and the Pike Place Market. This will give you the best of both worlds for shopping and family fun. This hotel is also pet friendly and offers a pool and an on-site dining option.

Hotel Deca

The Hotel Deca features an incredible view and are designed with comfort in mind. This hotel can service as the choice resting place of the traveling sports fan due to its proximity to the University District. The University of Washington is open to public tours of the famous Meany Hall and their library. The Hotel Deca is also just a few minutes away from the downtown Seattle area and the Pike Place Market.

Hotel Nexus

The Hotel Nexus is a great family oriented hotel. Located in the hub of Seattle, this hotel allows you to catch a Seahawks game, visit downtown, and is eaily accessibly from the highway so it allows the family to explore a multitude of Seattle’s option. This hotel features low rates, an outdoor pool, free breakfasts, and a fitness center to ensure it covers all of your needs during your stay.

Homewood Suites

The Homewood Suites is the perfect downtown hotel for travelers of all varieties. This hotel offers great rates on a variety of different rooms, and is within close proximity to fantastic sightseeing opportunities, like the great Pudget sound. This hotel also offers complimentary breakfasts, a fitness gym, and a gift show of Seattle-themed knickknacks.

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