Top 5 Cape Town Beaches To Visit

If you are a beachlover wanting to visit Africa this summer, then Cape Town beaches will make your happiness.

The second most populated city in South Africa, Cape Town is known for its scenic harbors, beaches, and its sparkling coastline by the Atlantic Ocean.

But the Mother City of South Africa is a multicultural city which offers lots of top-notch activities; from the Table Mountain hikes to the exploration of its fantastic food and nightlife scenes.

Check out the top 5 Cape Town beaches you must visit at least once in your life.

1. Camps Bay

Renowned for its white sandy beaches and all-the-rage nightlife, Camps Bay is one of the best Cape Town beaches there is. It is the largest of the many white-sand beaches around the bay.

The beach also has one of the most luxurious beach accommodations around Cape Town with several sea facing resorts that provide some of the most picturesque views of the Atlantic.

Most of the beaches are lined with palm trees and is visited by both locals and the tourists. Enjoy the majestic views of the 12 Apostles Range of the Table Mountains.

Several cafes and restaurants runs parallel to the shore along with some of the most exquisite bars. The beaches are best visited in summers when the cafes are laid out on the pavement providing it with a remarkably Mediterranean ambiance.

2. Boulders Beach

Located near Simon’s Town towards Cape Point, Boulders beach is named after the huge granite boulders that shelter the beach. Boulders has 3 beaches in total, most of which are home to penguin colonies.

This Cape Town beach actually has 3 beaches, each with sparkling waters, dramatic granite cliffs, and is home to colonies of African Penguins. Boulders Beach is one of the last place on Earth where nature lovers can still see these endangered birds in their natural habitat.

Head to Foxy Beach for the best views of the penguins at safe distance but up close from the boardwalk.

Being protected by the huge granite boulders, the waters are safe for children and the beach is protected by cold winds and strong currents. The waters are perfect for a swim or snorkeling but few areas of the beach are restricted so that the penguins’ activities aren’t disturbed.

3. Clifton Beaches

Clifton is one of the most posh suburbs in Cape Town with one of the most expensive real estates in South Africa. The beach has been listed several times as one of the best beaches across the globe by several TV channels and travel magazines.

Clifton has a total of 4 beaches which offer various types of activities to tourists of all type or age. All the beaches are separated by granite boulders and keep it protected from the south-easterly winds.

The waters are relatively chilly but a premier spot for several water sports including major sporting events. The first beach is one of the most famous surfing hotspots in South Africa. The 4th beach in Clifton has also been awarded a blue flag due to its high safety and environmental standards.

4. Long Beach

Located in the lobster fishing hamlet of Kommetjie approximately 30 minutes from Cape Town, Long Beach is a picturesque and serene beach with an 8-kilometer long shoreline.

The beach is known to be a romantic hotspot with its sandy-white shores, lush green beach grass, and the sparkling shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

This pristine beach is perfect for horse rides and long romantic walks. The beach is also known for its whale-watching and surfing opportunities.

Being a lobster fishing village, The Kommetjie town is the place to go for fishing lobster and have it served to you for dinner. It is also one of the best camping destinations in Cape Town.

5. Llandudno

Llandudno provides a serene coastal location that seems untouched and off-limits.

Located on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula, it is one of the most expensive residential properties in South Africa. The area is devoid of street lights and commercial activities and the beach is surrounded by granite cliffs dominated by mountains.

The beach is a famous surfing hotspot for expert swimmers only, due to the extremely cold waters and rough currents. It is best visited during the summer season when the waters aren’t as cold and there are plenty of lifeguards around if you wish to take a swim.

Cape Town was the largest city in South Africa prior to the building of Johannesburg and still remains as one of the most important cities in the country. These top Cape Town beaches are just a few of the premier beach spots in the country worth figuring on top of your bucket list.

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