Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Travel Dads

Forget the golf balls this year. What about giving the man of the house a Father’s Day gift he will never forget? From the wackiest gadgets to the must-have accessories and even cool trips every man dreams to take,  we’ve hand-picked nine presents that all the active and traveling Dads of the world want.

1. Portable Workstation

A Father’s Day gift for the between-two-planes dads who need to own their always-shrinking cabin space. The Aero Tray is an ergonomic double-deck laptop workstation with a cup holder and a design that won’t make you hate the guy in front reclining their seat – Price: from $49.95

2. Polished Silver USB Cufflinks

For the James Bond dad dressed to kill and for success.  Now he can be a little geeky and remain absolutely chic with cufflinks that conceal a 2GB flash drive and a powerful mini WiFi router. Price: $100-250

3. Lily Drone

Boys will be boys. Even dads want the coolest new toys. At a time when drones are all the rage, the Lily Camera stands out as a cool Father’s Day gift for active dads. Ergonomic, waterproof, and smart, Lily follows you on your crazy adventurers taking stunning photos along the way. Forget the selfie stick. Pre-order: $619

4. Briefcase BBQ Grill

Get daddy this sleek stainless barbecue grill briefcase so he can quickly get down to grilling business. This portable briefcase has the built-in charcoal pit for on-the-go picnics à deux. Definitely a Father’s Day gift idea for kebab enthusiasts. Price: $80

5. Briefcase BBQ Set

This one is a complement to the gift above. What good is a briefcase BBQ grill without a matching briefcase containing the essential utensils every grill master must have. With this 20-tool BBQ set briefcase, Dad will be firing up feasts wherever he goes and feel as slick as Agent 45 while doing it. That’s a geek reference. Google it! Price: $83.50

6. Light-up slippers


The midnight-snack dads will thank you for this Father’s Day gift. Same goes for the backpacker daddy who is used to hostel room stays. The Bright Feet Lighted Slippers free your hands so you can do more with them… like grabbing a beer to wash down that Turkey sandwich. Price: $19.99

7. Handlebar Pub Nub

This gift is for the active craft beer loving dads. The handlebar pub nub makes sure that the old man carries a handy bottle opener wherever he bikes, be it at the local pub or at the scenic end of an epic hiking. Price: $20

8. Pickpocket-Proof Clothing

For the head-in-the-clouds dad and the true globetrotters, Clothing Arts have developed the Pickpocket-Proof clothing lines. They combine the comfort of travel clothes with the secure design of travel money-belts. There are shirts, pants, and other pieces of clothing for every style and travel occasions. Price: varies.

9. Cigar Safari

There is nothing like a pilgrimage to the birthplace of your favorite products. That holds particularly true for cigars. The connoisseur dad will be forever grateful to visit the Esteli Valley in Nicaragua and the elegant Drew State to see how the tobacco leaves are rolled by hand. For a similar experience closer to home or elsewhere, check out this list of the best places for cigar lovers in the US and around the world. Priceless

What are you giving Daddy for Father’s Day this year? Tell us all about it in the comments.