5 Bachelorette Games to Get the Party Started

We are smack dab in the middle of wedding season. It’s such a beautiful time of the year with love in the air and summer fun heating up! I might be biased, but one of the best parts of getting married is celebrating it with my girls. So here’s a special shoutout to the person who invented bachelorette parties!

Here are a few games that are sure to get the night started off right:

1. Scavenger Hunt

The best way to make the most of your city (or place you traveled to) is to get everyone searching through unmarked territory. Make a list of challenges and split the ladies into teams. The teams can be as big or small as you wish – just keep in mind how long the scavenger hunt list is. Have a meetup place, you can make it where you started or a bar in the area. Whoever completes the list first, wins! You can even make the loser buy the winner drinks!

Click here and here for scavenger hunt ideas!

2. Quiz the Couple

This is a good one that can get pretty hilarious. Start by picking out a list of questions to quiz the future bride and groom on. Keep it PG, R-rated, or make it a juicy mix of both! Email the groom for answers to the questions. At the party, ask the question to the bride and see if she answers it the same as the groom, or guesses what the groom said. If she gets it correct, she’s safe. If not, she can pay the price any way you wish. With a drink, or by chewing a gumball, so the more answers she gets wrong, the more gum she has to try and chew.

Click here for question ideas!

3. Bachelorette Challenges

This game only gets better as the night goes on! Start by having the bachelorette party (minus the bride) fill out dares on pieces of paper. You can include as many as you wish. Throughout the night, ask the bride to draw a challenge and complete the dare. If she wants to pass, allow her the right to get out of the dare, but limit it to a certain amount of “passes” so she doesn’t get off the hook completely.

4. Play the Lingerie Guessing Game

It wouldn’t be a bachelorette party without lingerie! Have everyone bring a piece of lingerie that they think describes their personality. Don’t tell the bride who brought what, have her guess which lingerie belongs to who! Every time she gets one wrong, she takes a drink!

5. Drink Up!

You can do this a couple different ways. The most popular is to buy a roll of ribbon and tie bows on each of the guests’ wrists. While out on your Bachelorette adventure, the bride will take a bow from someone anytime she wants them to buy her a drink and then add that bow to her wrist. You can also do this with glow stick necklaces/bracelets!

Have another bachelorette game in mind? Share it in the comments below!