Top Duty-Free Items You Shouldn’t Pass Up

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Everyone loves cheaper. I’ve seen women dump out their entire purses on the counter just to find the 50 cents off coupon multiple times.

This being said, there’s no doubt that people love the idea of duty-free items in airports. Which are basically non taxed, cheaper items you can buy.

Although not all items are actually cheaper than buying them in country, there are many killer deals you can get when you shop duty-free. We’ve created a list of the top deals that will have your wallets jumping.

Make-up and skin care products

Some make up products are sold for up to 50% off.  Being a make up enthusiast I have half a mind to drive to the nearest airport just to buy my make up. BRB currently fangirling over the idea of being able to afford MAC products on my college budget.

Liquor and tobacco

Two of the biggest buys tourists make can sometimes be found extremely cheap. Be warned though, most places the limit is 1 liter for alcohol after that you’ll be paying duties on any extra. Also most national liquor, like Jose Cuervo is usually the same price as buying it in a store. Stock up on those foreign cigars though!


This one is for the shoppers who are looking for the limited edition, not sold in stores type stuff. There are still savings on the other kinds but not as much as some people would like depending on the brand and even the store. Just promise you won’t completely smoke everyone out by wearing too much on the plane or in the security line.

Luxury Items

Things like sunglasses, bags, and clothes can be a great steal in some places. This is another one where you might want to jump on the web to compare prices before you buy to make sure they are actually a good deal. But it’s so worth it because if you can get cheap Ray Bans you’ll look rad and have money left over. Case closed.

Local goods

While most of your souvenirs will and can be bought from local places where you are visiting some places have great authentic items you can buy last minute on your way out. For example, in Heathrow in London you can buy British Museum mementos straight out of the airport. Just in case you forgot to buy grandma something.

Hopefully this will help you to be a savvy duty-free shopper in your travels. Don’t go too crazy though, the limit is around $800 before you start paying duties on your items. And a piece of advice, don’t try to bring a cat fur coat back because you aren’t allowed to bring in items containing cat or dog fur. Please, save a furry friend.

What’s your best duty free deal? Let us know!