Top 7 Summer Vacation Destinations 2015

Oh Yeah, you deserve it! And you should definitely have it right now. You know, that dream trip you think you have to save thousands of dollars for. Well, if you wait too long you might just miss on the cheapest travel destinations of 2015.

Below is a list of top-notch major cities and dreamy vacation spots around the world that will be most affordable this summer. If you are still hesitate, here are 7 stunning reasons to start planning a trip with Travefy right now.

1. Chiang Mai – Thailand

A day in paradise complete with luxury hotel and gastronomic dinner will cost you less than $100 per day. Imagine all lavish memories you will make admiring the scenic Phang Nga Bay, the Wat Arun Temple, and the gorgeous cultural attractions in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

2. Mexico City – Mexico

The grass is so much more greener on the other side of the border – just ask the million of backpackers, beach-goers, and culture buffs who visit D.F. and its surroundings on the quest of a meaningful summer vacation. Thanks to beautiful, well-located, yet cheap hostels and restaurants,  you can stay at walking distance from the Zocalo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and a metro station away from hot attractions and vibrant venues.

3. Dominican Republic

Who said the Caribbeans have to be expensive? The Dominican Republic is the secret party base of spring breakers, family vacationers, and – of course – bargain travelers with an eye for beautiful things. Hard to decide if the best part of DR during the summer is the nightlife of Punta Cana, the postcard-perfect beaches, or just how affordable it can be.

4. Cape Town – South Africa

Sun City is awesome if you are into all-inclusive hotel resorts and tourist traps. For the rest of you smart travelers, here is the Mother City of South Africa. Choose between mountain activities or beachfront relaxation… or just do both, and take over the city’s world-class restaurant and party scene. Cape Town’s culture is one of the most welcoming and open-minded on the whole continent.

5. Valparaiso – Chile

Chile is hosting the Copa America 2015 – the biggest soccer rendezvous in South America – so you know that summer is going to be particularly caliente here. Escape the busy Santiago and the expected rise of costs. Instead head to the ever-beautiful Valparaiso, a city with a scenic seaport, a culturally-rich historic quarter, and an amazing funicular railway you have to ride. Did I mention the mouthwatering ceviche?

6. Cabo Verde

Who is up for island-hopping on the most beautiful African archipelago there is? Every island has its own charms and attractions, so your vacation will feel like many for one. Cabo Verde has invested heavily in its tourism industry which translates to a myriad of pristine beaches, Brazilian-like culture, and heavenly accommodation options.

7. Palau

If you ever wanted to swim with dolphins, shower under unbelievable waterfalls, or just lay lazy on sandy-white beaches, go to Palau. This is the dream destination of waterfront vacation: snorkel some of the best diving spots on the planet, go deep-sea fishing, or tie the knot on one of the heavenly beaches. You don’t forget a Palau vacation.

What do you think of this list of cheap yet beautiful summer vacation spots? Here is another list of bargain Europe destinations to visit this summer. Need help planning your summer vacation? Let us know. We are here to help.

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