Iconic TV Landmarks in NYC

 We all have our favorite movie or TV show that is set in the big sleepless city. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, When Harry Met Sally, you get the jist. Something most of us have dreamed about is being a part of places that belong to that movie. We would all love Central Perk to be a real place and even though it isn’t, there are other pieces of the puzzle that are. Here’s a list of iconic TV landmarks you can see in New York City and feel like you’re smack dab in the middle of your favorite show.


‘Friends’ Apartment Building

Although it isn’t the exact apartment and you can’t go inside, you can visit 90 Bedford Street and see the outside view they used for all ten seasons. Let’s just hope you don’t see ugly naked guy doing yoga while you’re there.

‘Ghostbusters’ Firehouse

Step inside one of your favorite movies and see the firehouse. Even though you probably won’t see slimer, sorry guys, it’s still a pretty cool thing to revel in. Who knows, maybe Bill Murray will be there reliving the past too.

Katz Delicatessen

If recreating the popular scene in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ you’re going to want to bring your Harry to this diner. This diner has seen more than just “I’ll have what she’s having,” though. It’s been used in films like Across the Universe, Enchanted, and Donnie Brasco!

Pershing Square

This little place is famous for Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake’s first official date in the movie ‘Friends with Benefits’. Of course we all know the friends with benefits thing never works out.

McGee’s Pub

Although not the actual thing, this is the pub that inspired the set up for How I Met Your Mother’s famous hangout, MacLaren’s. So grab four of your friends and head over to McGee’s. Maybe even change your names to Ted, Marshal, Lily, Barney, and Robin for the night.

Tom’s Restaurant

With a small name change this restaurant becomes Monk’s Cafe, the ‘Seinfeld’ crew’s famous hangout. Take your friends here and do your best Jerry impression, just maybe not too loud unless you’re really good.

Pulitzer Fountain

Although ‘Friends’ was shot entirely in California, the famous opening fountain was duplicated to almost exactly match the Pulitzer in NYC. Get your umbrellas because we’re about to recreate the opening credits.


Any other television landmarks you’ve seen in NYC? Let us know in the comments!