Places Not to Take Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Our moms are one of our biggest heroes. Every May we have this super cool day to thank them for it. While I’m sure she loved getting handmade cards and macaroni art, I’m sure it’s not as cute when you’re 21. In fact it probably gets a little creepy. So this year why not give your mom a big kid present and take her on a trip?

Whether it’s a day trip or a longer one there are some rules to follow and places to avoid when taking mom out. After all you don’t want to scar your poor mother for life do you?

Moms are like fingerprints each one is different. The only things they seem to have in common is mother’s intuition and they usually use that to embarrass you (we still love them though). So when you start planning a trip think of what she would truly enjoy. While you’re planning here are some places you definitely shouldn’t take mom.

Sci Fi Conventions

Unless your mom is a hardcore fan of things like anime taking her to a cos play convention, like Comic Con,  probably isn’t the best. Besides the fact that she won’t know what is going on, depending on your mom she’ll either be bored or confused and borderline uncomfortable. Not to mention all the 40 year old men in costumes that will try to hit on her.

Nude Beaches

While nude beaches are great places to explore if you’re brave and adventurous enough it’s probably not a place to go with any relative, much less your mom. I mean, that’s a little creepier than making her macaroni art in your 20s.

“Thunder from Down Under” in Las Vegas

Unless mom is a crazy wild child, the wild side of Vegas in general probably isn’t a good mom spot. If you do take her to Vegas, please don’t take her to this or any other kind of strip show. “Thunder Down Under” is a great bachelorette party idea for a girls night but unless you want to get a lap dance with your mom I wouldn’t recommend it.

Bourbon Street

New Orleans can be a great place to vacation with your mom but stear clear of Bourbon street. It could turn your trip from great to awkward as you see young people barely dressed stumbling down the street. Do you want her to think or know that this is what you do when she isn’t around? Also, around Mardi Gras is probably the best avoidance time. Sorry mom, no beads for you.

Nursing Home

The last and most obvious place you shouldn’t take your mom on Mother’s Day is the nursing home. This is basically like giving her a card that says “Hey mom, guess what? You’re old! Happy Mother’s Day!” So let’s keep her away from the weekly bingo games at least for Mother’s Day. However, I’m not shooting this down as a hilarious Mother’s Day prank.

Amtgaurd Meetups

Amtgaurd is a medieval fantasy combat sport that includes costumes and all. But wait there’s more, not only is it  the sport but learning about and doing activities in full medieval costume as well.  I’d suggest leaving the armour and jousting sticks at home where mom can’t see them.

We at Travefy don’t know all of your beautiful mothers (although we’d love to), so we tried not to type cast mom too much. Regardless of what you do for your mother, even if it’s picking her a bouquet of dandelions, we hope all of them have a great mother’s day!

What are you doing for your mom? Let us know in the comments!