Are All Of Those Travel Giveaways Real?

Do you ever wonder if all those offers, claims and give-a-ways on the Internet are real? We’ve wondered the same thing sometimes, so we wanted to tell you about one that Travefy is doing. Travefy and a company called 1000Museums are doing something very real and special for art and culture lovers. We recently launched a project called Art Immersion Weekends. The idea is to highlight artists and cities around America and the world where a specific artist lived or worked.   Each month we highlight an artist and a great American city. One person and a guest gets a dream trip to that city to be immersed in the given artist’s world. It is all courtesy of 1000Museums, Travefy and various other co-sponsors.

The point is that whether you win the sweepstakes or we want to share our love of museums, art and culture and to show everyone that you can have a great day with someone you love experiencing the gift of art and culture. An Art Immersion Weekend is a blueprint or fantasy itinerary for a great cultural get away to a great American City to enjoy the museums and culture of that city.

Here are some of the cities and artists that 1000Museums and Travefy have featured and have plans for in the future:

  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Chicago including a weekend stay at the number one historic hotel in America, the Palmer House Hilton, a private day long tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s World from the home he designed and lived in to the studio where he worked and more. (Read on and you will hear firsthand from someone who got to experience the first Art Immersion Weekend.)
  • Andy Warhol’s New York City includes a weekend stay at the world famous Warwick Hotel, private tour of Andy Warhol’s New York with author and Warhol historian, Thomas Kiedrowski, as well as a private tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art given by MuseumHack.
  • Rock, Roll and The Grammy Museum takes you to a private tour at the Grammy Museum, other LA Cultural sites . . . etc.
  • Georgia O’Keeffe’s Santa Fe is probably the most incredible Art Immersion Weekend offer yet, with guided tour to her home and studio, Santa Fe style cooking classes, a behind-the-scenes tour of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, a weekend stay at La Fonda Hotel on the Plaza and more.
  • Upcoming is Chihuly’s Seattle with private tours of Chihuly Garden and Glass, The Seattle Museums of Art and more . . .
  • Margaret Mitchell’s (Author of Gone with the Wind) Atlanta.

Now, you may still be wondering is it real? And could I do it on my own?

First question: Does someone really win an Art Immersion Weekend at the end of the sweepstakes?

Yes, from March 27th – 29th the winner of 1000Museum’s Frank Lloyd Wright’s Chicago Art Immersion Weekend got the trip of a lifetime. Did I mention that 1000Museums includes the roundtrip airfare to the winner and their guest? In May 2015 the winner and her guest of the Andy Warhol’s New York city Art Immersion Weekend will be on their way to New York, and so on.

The following is an account of the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Chicago Art Immersion Weekend.

The morning of Friday, March 27, 2015 Sara Beck and her husband left their home in the heartland to fly to Chicago . . .

“We could not have had a better time. Our weekend started with our flight to Chicago O’Hare. A driver was waiting for us when we arrived and took us to the Palmer House Hilton. The hotel is magnificent . . . It is definitely the most beautiful place that we have ever stayed.

On Saturday, March 28, 2015, we met two architects from the Frank Lloyd Wright who gave us an all day in depth tour of everything Frank Lloyd Wright. We started at the Rookery, went to Mr. Wright’s home and studio and finished way across the city at the Robie House. We also toured the Unity Temple designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We were served a gourmet lunch along the way. Actually, in a beautiful secured area of the Unity Temple.

For that Saturday we were taken into the world of America’s most famous architect, got to share stories with Daniela and Jim the two architects from the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. It was with great passion and excitement that they shared the stories of 1909 when Wright was the innovator of his time.” Sara Beck, winner of the First 1000Museums’ Art Immersion Weekends.

Sara Beck says it best when she talks about her experience on her Art Immersion Weekend, “One of the things that Jim (volunteer and architect guide from the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust) told us about Frank was that he wanted you to see the beauty around you. He never made the front door of a house or building in the obvious place because he wanted you to search for it. I began to see his vision as we toured the various homes and buildings . . .   Frank (Lloyd Wright) took us down a different path and I began to see things in a different light.”

When 1000Museums developed the Art Immersion Weekends idea they wanted to highlight the value of art in our modern culture, to show that museums are fun and educational places to spend time. Art can soothe your soul, add romance to an ordinary life, educate, give a family a reason to giggle together and as Sara Beck says, “help you see things in a different light.” It is all there in the 1000Museums Art Immersion Weekends.

Question: Can I do an Art Immersion Weekend on my own? Yes, use the itinerary from any of the Art Immersion Weekends and plan from there. You probably will not get the private tour, but you can enjoy at your pace, and bring all your family and friends. You can also, check out 1000Museum’s Sweepstakes, and try you luck at winning one of their over the top weekends.

Sample Art Immersion Weekend Itineraries:

Santa Fe Art Immersion Weekend

New York Art Immersion Weekend

Chicago Art Immersion Weekend

Learn more: www.1000Museums/ArtImmersionWeekend

“The purpose of Art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso