Throw a Unique NYC Bachelorette

Yesterday, we looked into some unique ways to approach group travel in NYC. However, though bachelorette parties are certainly a type of group travel, they’re an animal all their own – and we think they deserve their own NYC blog post. Today, we look at the best options for turning your average NYC bachelorette party on its head, and giving your bride-to-be a last hurrah she’ll never forget.

1. Look into alternative real estate

Everyone knows space in the Big Apple doesn’t come cheap – so it’s well worth looking at alternate arrangements when it comes to where you’ll be crashing at the end of the night. Though hotels are always a safe bet, the share economy is another awesome space to look, especially if you’re hosting a larger bash. There are plenty of awesome spaces that can hold 10+ in one apartment – which beats trying to coordinate multiple rooms.

2. Take advantage of NYC’s more unique nightlife options.

Though Stefon’s reviews on SNL may be a little over the top, New York City has plenty of nightlife options that offer a more unique twist of after sunset entertainment than a crowded dancefloor, flashing lights, and a thumping base. If your bride-to-be has a geeky side, The Way Station may be up her alley, with a life-sized Tardis and a Dr. Who themed cocktail menu. If you were torn between a beach bachelorette and NYC, you can always check out Bembe, who has hammocks and drinks in coconuts, or D.I.P Aqua – which stands for Dance in Pool.

3. Skip the traditional brunch

Everyone knows NYC is the place to brunch, but the city has way more to offer than eggs benedicts and mimosas served on a white tablecloth – not that anyone has anything against bottomless mimosas. To mix to traditional bachelorette activities, check out Body by Brooklyn, where you can combine a spa day and your bachelorette brunch into one event. If you’re looking for something a little more wild, Lips NYC offers a Broadway drag brunch each Sunday – where you can listen to Ginger Snapt serenade you with Broadway tunes and drink bottomless mimosas for under $30. If you’d rather be the one doing the performing, Bar 9 is your brunch spot of karaoke – where both the bloody marys and the karaoke is unlimited.

4. Ditch the tourism for the afternoon

There’s plenty to do in NYC that has nothing to do with time or liberty. Take a break from your standard tourist fare, and indulge in some activities that are off the beaten path. Between bottomless mimosas and taking advantage of the unique nightlife, check out Drybar, where you can book your crew for a fabulous blowout before your night on the town. Each blowout has an adorable name – I personally am pretty torn between the Dirty Martini and the Uptini. If pampering isn’t your thing, you can always check out yesterday’s post – from painting to brewery tours, it has some pretty awesome bachelorette options.