New Orleans: Spring Break & Mardi Gras

New Orleans is an unsuspected spring break destination that thrives under the radar. The atmosphere of debauchery surrounding spring break fits all too well with the hedonistic reputation of the “Big Easy”. From countless jazz bands to casinos to top nightlife venues, NOLA appeals to hard partiers as much as the curious tourists and culture buffs.

If your college has spring break in February and you are still looking for your dream destination, here 5 things that will convince you to head to New orleans.

Go on a Tour

The Crescent City is a paradise for history and culture buffs. A spring break in New Orleans is more than just discovering the myriad of watering holes in town. Visitors will find many guided theme tours to introduce them to the mystique, the rustic, and the unique attractions of New Orleans.

For instance, your visit to NOLA would be incomplete without a tour of the Laura and Oak Alley Plantations. The tour revisits two centuries of life on these authentic Creole plantations. Go on an airboat exploration of the breathtaking wilderness of the New Orleans bayou. Go on a ferry boat on the Mississippi River. Discover the cemeteries and the folk tales related to Voodoo practices in New Orleans. Beware, Marie Laveau is watching you from the graves!

A humanitarian Spring Break

Be one of the generous volunteers working to restore a historic American city that suffered from natural disaster. As you know, Hurricane Katrina had a devastating impact on NOLA. 10 years after, the damages on the city are still visible as well as the rebuilding efforts.

Spring break is known as a time of questionable decisions and regrettable actions. But a New Orleans spring break is your chance to stack up on unforgettable memories, doing something you will be forever proud of.

Explore the French Quarter

Regardless of what brings you to New Orleans, it would be wrong not to educate yourself on its two hundred years of intriguing history. Buildings such as the Cabildo and the St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square materialize that rich history.

Wander around the heart of New Orleans, enjoy its unique architecture like the Pontalba Buildings, and watch amazing street entertainment. This is where you find everything from the hottest jazz joints to the most beautiful art galleries to Creole cooking demonstrations. Don’t pass on the cafe au lait and beignets from the Cafe du Monde or the Croissant d’Or, clearly two of the best coffee shops in the French Quarter. Oh yes! There is also more booze and fun on Bourbon Street that you could handle.

Enjoy the food

Anyone who has been to New Orleans will tell you how much of an incredible foodie heaven it is. Treat your taste buds to the best of the local cuisine; a mix of Cajun, French, and Creole influences. It means that the deep fried dishes, spicy meals and seafood here are among the best you will ever eat.

Not only does NOLA have some of the best French restaurants in the country, it also has beautiful green spaces where to grill while sunbathing and enjoying great times with your friends. Of course, you have to try some spicy jambalaya, praline, and every single one of these 10 must-eats in the Crescent City.

Mardi Gras spring break

If you haven’t seen Mardi Gras: Spring Break, the movie, I am sure nobody will blame you for it. If you had, you will know why New Orleans could be a fantastic road trip destination during spring break season.

Sure NOLA does not have the pristine beaches of Cancun or Miami, but it compensates with booze, beads, and the greatest masquerade parties in the nation. Mardi Gras is rich of history and traditions such as parades, costumes, and kingcakes. But for most of us, it goes down as two weeks of revelry and debauchery.

While most Mardi Gras celebrations take place away from the French Quarter, Bourbon Street is where the bulk of visitors and partiers meet. Check out our 5 favorite stops on a bar crawl in the Big Easy.

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