48 Hours in Hong Kong: What You Can’t Miss

Hong Kong is a beautiful place known for it’s food, history and stunning architecture. If you are there for a quick trip or a layover, there are plenty of things you can do before heading off. With 48 hours ahead of you, check out 5 essential things to do in the Pearl of the Orient.

1. Hong Kong Museum of History

Learn everything about Hong Kong’s rich history in one place. The Hong Kong Museum of History educates on ancient Hong Kong, folk culture and more. The basic tour takes about 2 hours. The advanced one takes 3-4 hours and visit all 53 information- packed media booths.

Some of the galleries for the Hong Kong Museum of History include:

  • The Dynasties – Hang to Qing;
  • Folk Culture In Hong Kong;
  • Modern Metropolis – The Return of China;
  • The Natural Environment.

The Hong Kong Museum of History is just next to the Science museum. This is your chance to also learn more about the wonderful world around you.

2. Nan Lian Garden

The Nan Lian garden is an outdoor park featuring historical architecture, man-made waterfalls, lakes, and a luxuriant flora. Hands down, it is one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong. The serene atmosphere will have you coming back for more. After all, it’s not because you’re trying to have as much fun as possible in 48 hours that you can’t relax for a bit!

3. Dragon’s Back

You may have a set agenda and that may be to hike during your two-day stay. If you are, check out one of the best places in Hong Kong to hike called the Dragon’s Back. The stunning views of water, islands and beautiful sandy shores is worth the hike. The fitness is an added bonus!

The breathtaking, unobstructed views are straight out postcards. You would be wrong not to take a dip.

4. Hong Kong Tramways

Want to see the city during the day without driving or walking? Take Hong Kong’s famous tramway that leads from the East to the West sides of the city. Over 230,000 people ride the Hong Kong Tramways daily. Meet locals, mingle with other tourists and experience the daily life. Plus, these are double decker tramcars, so head to the top to enjoy the elevated view.

5. Victoria Harbour

Maybe tramcars or normal cars aren’t your thing and you’d rather be on a boat in a harbor. Well you can! See the city from a boat captain’s perspective. Take a cruise through the Victoria Harbour in the South China Sea. Bring your camera; the world-class cityscape is picture-perfect and the waters, serene.


Hong Kong is a beautiful and vibrant city to visit. Indulge in its modern night life while learning more about it’s exciting history and culture. 48 hours might not be much to see all its fantastic attractions, but if you plan your stay right, you can get a good feel. You won’t be disappointed!

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