Your Offbeat Guide to Valentine’s Day

Here comes the dreaded Valentine’s Day. Few admit it, but we all put a lot of thoughts into this day, crafting the perfect date, finding the mindblowing gifts, albeit, searching for that special touch that will rekindle the flame like never before. I don’t know what your go-to romantic gestures are, but here are 7 offbeat Valentine’s Day ideas sure to make this February 14th, the best you ever had together.

1. Cook for One Another

Is it always the same person in your couple fixing meals day after day? Then it’d be thoughtful, give them a break, and treat them to a night out. You could, like the billion of other people on Valentine’s Day, flock the most expensive restaurants in town. But that would be such a huge waste of money for a food hurried out the kitchens to keep up with the demand.

Instead,  why not take a cooking lesson together? You know, the kind you cook and eat on the spot with the guidance of a chef? You will learn to make a variety of dishes to which you will add your own special touch: your love. Often, these courses will brighten up meals with all sorts of wine and liqueur.

2. Dinner Cruise

Are you one of the lucky bunch to live near a famous river or a canal? Take advantage of it with a romantic boat ride. You can bet Yacht owners and cruise organizers have special dinners planned for Valentine’s Day.

A dinner on a boat is one of the most romantic things you could think of. Now imagine, making your way through the most breathtaking urbanscapes in the world. From Amsterdam’s canals to the Parisian Seine to NYC’s rivers, you can be sure to find a dinner cruise operating on Valentine’s Day.

3. Food Tasting

They say the way to our heart goes through our belly. Wine and chocolate are classic Valentine’s Day indulgences, well known for their aphrodisiac properties. Sampling tours are your chance to discover the finest eateries in your area. Pair prime chocolate delicacies with the most exquisite wines from around the world. This culinary exploration will open your senses for other types of exploration à deux.

4. Share a view with your better half

Few things are more romantic than sharing a scenic view with someone you care for. It is a rare daydreaming / bonding moment that both of you will own forever.

Love birds have always sought for discrete vantage points where to cuddle. The more elevated the vantage point and the more lovely the view, the more likely it is the moment will be engraved in your collective memories.

5. Make art together

Love is art, and you should create your own abstract representation of it. Make your union flourish with shape and colors. Find a painting or pottery workshop that would let you express yourselves privately. Be goofy, be creative, and take home the fruit of your artful creation. It would be something you will both cherish for your lifetimes.

6. Spice it up with dancing

Keep it up close and tight, and I am not talking about a slow dance. What you need is something caliente like a tango or salsa. Don’t be shy or ashamed of your clumsy feet and your lack of dancing skills.

This offbeat Valentine’s Day idea will be all fun and laughs in the safety of a dance studio. Mingle to the heartwarming beats of latin music, learning from an instructors, dancing moves that will profit you for the rest of your lives.

7. Sweat it out

For the ultimate offbeat activity, albeit a good way to start your date, go skate. From Lincoln to New York to Mexico City, there are special ice rinks set up during winter. Make your way on the ice, hand in hand with your SO, supporting each other’s tumbles.

Yes, on Valentine’s Day, you are expected to show some romantic gesture. But that does not mean you cannot put some originality into it. It is good to have some traditions in your couple, but I can only hope these offbeat Valentine’s Day ideas will inspire you to make your couple romantic traditions truly outstanding.

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