Most Insane Spring Break #Troblems Ever In Videos

Travel + Problems = Troblems! Our travel-problems-solving world got rocked by #TROBLEMS, a brilliant ad campaign put together by the Jacht Ad Lab, the student ad agency of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

What makes #TROBLEMS so great? Short, witty videos depicting group travel pains everyone can relate to; from collaborating on trip details to sharing travel expenses.

Watch the videos below, and don’t forget to share the laugh with your friends.

Traveling without a plan?

Save the data, for more glamorous things like checking out Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie or sharing your most insane Spring Break moments, but definitely googling food poisoning. Don’t be Karen. Travel with a clear travel plan.

Know who’s in charge

We’ve all been there, we’ve all been Steve. But at some point, you have to ask yourself: can you really enjoy your college days from the back of the trunk? Who rented the compact in the first place? Who’s in charge?

That awkward moment

If you agree to be your group’s bank account during the trip, be ready to act as a debt collector afterwards. Don’t let travel expenses ruin your friendship. Just see what pains you’ll be saving yourself.

Jam the Coms!

Coordinating a trip with a group of friends can be like herding a flock of toddlers that keep asking the same questions over and over again via Snapchat, Facebook, Smoke signals, owl mail, telepathy, and what else!?

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