Free London Attractions to Visit Right Now

When you plan your trip through Europe, do you have plans to stop in London? Well, you should. The English capital is a fantastic destination for lovers, history buffs, and budget travelers. Yes, budget travelers! Like most European capitals, London has all the finest restaurants and top-class amenities. Unlike other world-class capitals, most London attractions are absolutely free.

From the famous English gardens to the royal palaces to public places, here are five London attractions you must see when you visit. They won’t cost you a pence.

1. Visit an English garden

A beautiful and artful garden is such an English thing, their gardeners are in high demand all over the world. London has many gorgeous gardens to visit, each with their own unique features. Enjoy a preferred view of the Buckingham Palace at St. James Park. Others love Hyde Park for its proximity to must-see attractions like the Peter Pan Statue or the Kensington Gardens. Don’t miss to see the Queen Marie’s Rose Garden; it could just be the most beautiful spot in London.

2. See Local life in street markets

Popular European cities like Amsterdam and Brussels have vibrant street markets. London too is renown for the atmosphere in its street markets. Camden, Portobello Road, and Greenwich markets are among the most popular. Check out this list of unique street markets for other under-the-radar London attractions.

3. Witness the Changing of the guard

Here’s another London attraction that is free and absolutely quintessential. At 11:30am in the Summertime, you can -and should- witness the changing of the Queen’s Guard in the Forecourt of the Buckingham Palace. No visit to London would be complete without it, and it’s just a short walk from St. James Park. If you succeed at making the guards at the front gate laugh or smile, send us the picture.

4. Spend time in Trafalgar Square

Like Time Square in NYC, Trafalgar Square is a top London attraction for visitors and locals alike. Since the 1830s, this place has seen England’s most significant moments. Still today, it is the scene of political and social demonstrations. It also homes famous sights like the Nelson’s Column, the National Gallery , and the Fourth Plinth.

5. Educate your mind

London is a international cultural hub, with amazing street art, art galleries, and museums. We mentioned the National Gallery above; add to it the Tate Modern and Tate Britain,  two London attractions visitors should pass on. The former focuses on contemporary art while the latter displays the best of British art.

You should also visit a London museum; the access is free. The Museum of London and the Geffrye museum are two of the best although there are lots of other world-class museums worth exploring.

There is so many things to see and do in London; too much to mention in just one blog post. If you are looking for the top love nests in London, check out this article.

What your favorite London attraction and which ones to you dream to visit? Tell us all about it in the comment box below, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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