Star Wars VII: See Where the Force Has Been Snoozing!

There has been a lot of secrecy surrounding the seventh installment of the Star Wars saga. So far, we only know the casting, the name, and that it will be set in a galaxy far far away. The short teaser trailer released on November 28th did little to uncover the plot — or anything else for that matter.

Regardless, Star Wars fans have already started haunting places they believe may be filming locations. Confirmed or rumored, here are five places where the Force is building up until it awakens on December 18th, 2015.

1. Pinewood Studios

Every movie buff will agree: Pinewood Studios is Hollywood outside of Hollywood. The studios have hosted the greatest productions over the years, from epic blockbusters, to famed TV shows and more. The James Bond tours make a revered stop where many Bond movies came to life. Star Wars VII will feel at home on the grounds of other huge blockbusters, from the original Superman to Les Misérables.

2. Deserts of Abu Dhabi

Star Wars fans have been flocking the hotels of Abu Dhabi for a chance to take a peek at the filming action. These deserts will be cast on the silver screen as Tatooine – home of the Skywalkers. Fans who make this early pilgrimage might be distracted by the marvels of this grandiose city — from the Yas Island attractions to the Ferrari World theme park, Abu Dhabi’s landscape will pull Jedi mind tricks on you.

3. Skellig Michael Island

This island located off the North East shores of Ireland served as a monastery until it was abandoned in the 12th century. In 1996, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nowadays, it is a very exclusive tourist destination, with only 13 boat licenses granted each year, and exclusively during summer. No doubt, Star Wars fans will be pushing and shoving for a place on one of those limited rides to the island.

4. Iceland

There are rumors that pre-production took place in Iceland, and consisted of landscape shots. Given the Scandinavian terrain, is it a hint that Star Wars VII will feature scenes on the ice planet of Hoth?

Movie buffs always had reasons to visit Iceland — after all,  it is a popular filming location that has hosted major productions such as Prometheus and Thor: the Dark World. Even if you are not into the movie pilgrimage thing, you will fall in love with the natural wonders of Iceland.

5. Puzzlewood, England

It is no longer a rumor: scenes from the upcoming Star Wars movie were filmed in the Forest of the Dean. Fans speculate that Puzzlewood could masquerade as Dagobah – young Luke’s training ground- or as Endor, home of the Ewoks.

The Forest of the Dean is already popular among movie fans. It was the filming location of a special Doctor Who Christmas episode and appeared by name in ‘Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows’. No doubt the Force is strong in these woods.

How much do you know about the plot and places that will feature in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Which of its filming locations would you visit?