Why You Should Opt for a Tanzania Honeymoon

Planning a Tanzania honeymoon can be time-consuming and confusing. You want the trip to be more than just a beach holiday without it becoming too much of an adventure.

Tanzania is home to the wildest safari parks in Africa and it has an exotic coast that bathes in the Indian Ocean. This makes it the dream honeymoon destination for beach and safaris.

Where to go in Tanzania

There are many safari parks in Tanzania. But for a honeymoon, you want to head to the south. The camps are smaller and more intimate. Explore the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park in open-sided vehicles, on foot, or boat. You can also experience ‘fly-camping’. Both parks have an important fauna, including elephants, buffalo and lions. They are also among the last habitats for the African wild dog.

On Safari in the South of Tanzania

Imagine a private dinner under a starry sky in a game reserve the size of Switzerland. That is just one of the unique experiences of a Tanzania honeymoon.

After 3 to 6 days of getting up at the crack of dawn to track lions and leopards, you will want to relax at the beach and bath in the Indian Ocean.

Tanzania Beach Options

Again, there are so many choices to look at, including Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia and the main-land coast. Luckily, we have been all over the coast and the islands of Tanzania. If you want the Robinson-Crusoe-desert-island type of deal, there only one place: Fanjove Island!

Fanjove Island

A short flight from Dar es Salaam to Songo Songo Island, a shorter boat ride and you will land on this private island. The owners of the island keep it simple, natural, and unspoiled. You will be able to enjoy a true romantic stay in the most natural beauty of this pristine tropical island.


As a guide, we would recommend at least 3 nights in the Selous on safari followed by a week on Fanjove Island. The idea is to balance the rough safaris with the most relaxing beach stay. If you can extend your stay, then a great idea is to go back to explore the wilderness of the savannah or the marine life of the Indian Ocean. Diving, wildlife spotting, and snorkeling are just some of the fun of a Tanzania honeymoon.

Author bio

Marc Harris is a writer and the Managing Director of Tanzania Odyssey.