5 European Cities Perfect for Romantic Getaways

Looking for a romantic getaway? You are not the only one. Urban life and our constant pursuit of happiness has us stuck in a monotonous life where we push love and romance to the background. Time to break the routine and rediscover your love, and you shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day for that. Here are 5 European destinations begging to host your romantic escapades.

Paris, France

France and romance go together like a kiss and Pont des Arts in Paris. Many have placed love locks on this pedestrian bridge, and so should you. Paris is perfect for romantic getaways and its attractions cater to all tastes. Stroll the Saint-Martin canal or the flowery alleys of the Père Lachaise Cemetery. Have a lunch in a typical French bistro or a dinning cruise on the Seine River. The artsy ones should visit the artists of Montmartre after a visit to the Musée de la Vie Romantique. (Museum of the Romantic Life)

Venice, Italy

For love birds worldwide, Venice needs no introduction. Could it be the idyllic gondola rides or the ephemeral nature of a city that could soon end up submerged? Venice deserve to be the place where you found love. Treat your significant other to an escapade you will both never forget. Visit the Doge’s Palace, climb the San Marko Campanile and share a preferred view of the Bridge of Sighs. Don’t forget to lay back in a waterside wine bar to savor the moment with the special someone. It takes two to enjoy Venice; be sure it is with your better half.

Prague, Czech Republic

For a Disney-like romantic getaway, take your prince or princes to Prague. The “Paris of the East” has a marvelous architectural cityscape that seems borrowed from fairy tale. Its tall châteaux, long picturesque bridge and a quaint riverside are awe-inspiring.

Visit the Mucha museum and its sensual exhibitions. Later on, dine while cruising the Vlatava River in century-old boats. And end your day, taking a starry-eyed stroll, hands in hands for a night in wine and revelry.

Istanbul, Turkey

If you read this blog often, you should know by now that we have a little crush on Istanbul. Who wouldn’t? Istanbul is ideal for romantic getaways, with its landscape from a bygone era. Istanbul sits on two continents (Europe and Asia) and seems to have inherited of the best of both worlds.

The Saint Sophia Church, Topkapi palace, and Blue Mosque are humbling architectural marvels you must see. The beauty of the cityscape is best at sunset when the light filters around the rooftops and the minarets. For the most heartbreaking views of the city, visit the Maiden’s tower at the confluence of the Bosporus and the Marmara Sea.

For a quick escape from the city itself, you must spend a day roaming the Prince Islands.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a picture-perfect destination on the Aegean Sea that you just can’t visit with a camera. It’s the absolute romantic getaway, with its walking trails, vineyards, and colorful beaches. The Mediterranean climate adds to the charm of this destination, you will have a hard time leaving. Steal a kiss from your lover with Oia’s gorgeous sunsets as backdrop. Sunbathe at the Black Sea, or swim at the gorgeous Red Beach. You must spend time wine-tasting or mud bathing in the hot springs near the volcano.

Here are 5 romantic getaways perfect where you are bound to (re)discover love. Where you take your better-half is all up to you, but you should start planning your trip right now; you deserve it! Plan your escapade on a budget with Travefy, we have the best itinerary planning tool along with great accommodation offers.