Think Outside the Bar: 5 Bachelorette Party Alternatives

Maybe you have an underage bridesmaid, maybe you’re looking for something a little different, or maybe the bar scene just isn’t your thing. Regardless of what makes you want to think outside the bar, there are plenty of bachelorette party alternatives. So forget about the VIP line, and put that bachelorette bingo sheet back on the shelf – today we’re looking at five bachelorette alternatives.

1. Get to Floating

All your favorite bar-related activities (drinking, party games, music) in a location that can’t be beat — the river. Whether you’re heading to a scenic destination or just your closest watering hole, a float down the river can be a great opportunity to bond with your girlfriends in a slightly unusual place. Pack your favorite summer brews, contact a river outfitter, and leave the white bikini at home — this is one place you can get just as crazy as a nightclub while enjoying nature — and not having to worry about flagging down the bartender for another round.

2.  Bring out your Inner Monet

Does your bride-to-be have four hundred Pinterest boards filled with DIY to-dos? Perhaps appealing to her creative nature is your best bet. There are a ton of different options for you to get crafty with your bachelorette. Many towns have specific studios that serve wine and have instructors that will walk you through a painting step-by-step. If your town doesn’t have a studio, you can always go out to dinner and take an art class at the local community center — or set a craft night up yourself at a bridesmaid’s house for a DIY night from beginning to end.

3. Bridal Party Paintball

Love the idea of a trash the dress shoot, but can’t bear the thought of ruining your own? Maybe a paintball bachelorette party is for you. Split into teams — have one group start the day scoring thrift stores for the worst wedding dresses they can find, and another for the worst bridesmaid dresses — then meet up at a local paintball field. Then, it’s all out war — both on the other team and their dresses. You can even award prizes for the top three most hideous dresses.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Though certainly not a task for the over-tasked Maid of Honer, a scavenger hunt can be a unique way to highlight special places to the couple, the bridal party, or just get to know a new city. Put together a string of clues and tasks that will take the bridal party to various locales that are either important to the bride, or you know she’ll enjoy. You can go as grand as you’d like with this — maybe just lead the bridal party around the city you’re staying in, or use the scavenger hunt to lead the bachelorette party to a hidden nearby destination for a weekend of fun.

5. Bike Crawl

Pub crawls in heels? It’s easy to get over that idea pretty fast. For the active bride, take to your wheels, and plan out a route to your favorite bars or breweries in your area. You’ll get to enjoy the outdoors, one another, and a hearty dose of exercise endorphins — all on top of your favorite brews. A lot of areas have pre-organized bike beer crawls — but if yours doesn’t, locate a bike trail map and plan your own route.