Party Preps: 7 Tips to Get Ready to Go All Out

Getting dolled up is a big part of the fun. Why not scale up your party prep to a full-blown activity? Get prettied up and handsome with these activities that make a big deal out of getting ready to go out. These awesome ways to get ready are in themselves a social activity, and set the scene for totally Instagram-able photos.

  1. Book a free 45-minute makeup lesson with a professional makeup artist at a stand-alone studio. Look up your favorite makeup brand and locate their store or studio. Make Up Forever, Shu Umera and Laura Mercier are a few that offer a private one-to-one makeup lesson and application with purchase. Make sure to schedule the event in advance that way they have enough staff to accommodate your party.
  2. For guys, book a haircut or a shave at a barbershop. Call in advance to let them know that a group of guys are coming in all at once, and schedule in an extra 15-minute head and face massages for each person.
  3. Drive everyone to an affordable outfitter like Forever21 or a fancier place like Rent the Runway and shop for new outfits. Hand out gift cards to everyone there, and their new outfit will be a cute memory of the special occasion.
  4. Essential part of every bachelorette party prep: bring all the ladies to the nail salon, and get matching nail colors. Accessorize with light-up rings from the costume store, and you’re unmistakably a bachelorette party.
  5. For guys, order a dozen bow ties online or get them in bulk from a discount retailer, like Nordstrom Rack. Lay them out, and have each guy choose one to wear for the night. They’ll be sure to wear it for more than one occasion after that.
  6. For ladies, order a stack of flash tattoos – you know, the gold and silver temporary ones that resemble jewelry – and have everyone go all out with them. Apply them to your wrists, neckline, upper arms, fingers, ankles and forehead. Everyone wants an excuse to cover themselves in shiny temporary tattoos.
  7. Boutique costume jewelry stores like Baublebar are likely to offer a free styling service by appointment. Show up in your party dresses, and have the stylists work with each girl to find costume jewelry pieces to match her outfit, and to take home. It’s a perfect thank you gift to your party attendees.

You can find the equivalent venue for any of these events in any city. If you’re planning a destination bachelor or bachelorette party, you can always plan with the concierge at the hotel or bring what you need. That will make your party prep more smooth and convenient.


Going All Out is a weekly column by Nicole Kwoh that investigates real party itineraries. Each week, the column features a real bachelor/ette party itinerary from a different city around the world. While other columns may provide advice, this is the first one dedicated to what actually happens.


Nicole Kwoh is a travel lover and blogger.