9 Movie Locations You Should Visit Today

Ah yes! The movies, the silver screen and the perfect worlds we’d all like to live in. It’s great when you come across a place used in movies, you can’t help the nostalgia. There are even a lucky few who just happen to stumble upon a film set when walking around. But for those who are not so lucky, below is a list of 9 amazing places to visit that just so happen to be locations from big movies.

1. Hogwarts – Christ Church College, London

This magnificent hall was set to a decent chunk of the Harry Potter movie franchise. It appears in various scenes such as the one above (The Great Hall at Christmas). This movie location is a functioning college is a great place to visit, and you don’t even have to pay a penny to walk its grounds.

2. Holy Grail, Indiana Jones – Al Khazneh, Jordan

This iconic structure comes from the famous “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. Like in the Indiana Jones film, it is a thousand years old, and its impressive entrance leads to a tomb. But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds! This is also another movie location that is free for the public to visit.

3. Lighthouse, Forrest Gump – Marshall Point, Maine

Being one of the most iconic films of all time, Forrest Gump touched the hearts of billions of people worldwide. So it’s not surprising that the lighthouse that Forrest runs to in the film has become a prime location for tourists. The beauty of it is that it -again- is free to visit, just like many of the movie locations on this list.

4. Yavin 4, Star Wars – Tikal, Guatemala

It’s no surprise that Star Wars is the biggest movie franchise of all time, especially now that there are 3 brand new films on the way. But this movie location comes from Episode IV and is not just popular as a movie location but a general tourist destination. You can view its fantastic buildings and structures for free as it is part of the Tikal National Park.

5. Ghostbusters Headquarters – Firehouse, Tribeca, New York

Is there something strange in your neighborhood, who are you gonna call? The Ghostbusters! This integral building is the main headquarters for characters Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston and is in New York City. Only the façade of the building is available to tourists. Being a decommissioned firehouse, no one can wander inside.

6. X-Men Academy for young gifted – Casa Loma, Toronto

Those who are fans of the MARVEL films will love this movie location as it is the headquarters of the X-Men. Professor Xavier’s school for mutants is a monumental building and a popular tourist destination. Visitors must pay $24 per person, a fair price to wander this grandiose domain.

7. Bridge, Skyfall – Varda Viaduct, Turkey

Anyone who is a fan of James Bond buffs must visit the bridge that appears in the first scenes of the Skyfall installment. It’s where Bond took a bullet during a lengthy fight on top of a train. While the bridge is not easy to access other than by train, it is a gorgeous structure surrounded by a scenic landscape. Everyone should travel to Turkey at least once to see this architectural marvel.

8. Hot Fuzz – Wells, Somerset, UK

Hot Fuzz is a British film set in Somerset, staring established actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The movie itself might be a little scary, but the movie location is far from that. Wells is a gorgeous little town with many great local shops and pubs to visit. As you can imagine, it’s free to visit this quaint little town!

9. The Grand Budapest Hotel – Görlitzer Warenhaus Department Store, Germany

Not all of the film was created here, a lot of the filming happened in a building that has been abandoned building was the filming set for most scenes of the Grand Budapest Hotel. A department store until 4 years ago, this movie location is worth a quick visit. Go for the array of great shops and restaurants and for the thrill of knowing that it was a part of a box office hit.

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Jade Waddy is an experienced writer with an NOCN level 3 in journalism who writes here on behalf of MyBreakTrip.