Turkey in 5 Mind-Blowing Destinations

Turkey is a sumptuous and gorgeous destination every traveler should visit at least once in a lifetime. Its smaller part is in southeastern Europe and larger part is in western Asia. As so, Turkey is a great country with many travel destinations that will please every type of traveler. Read on to discover my top 5 places and cities to visit in Turkey.

1. Side

Side is an attractive port town located on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast in the Antalya province. There, classic ruins go alongside modern resorts overlooking the sandy white beaches.

For instance, history buffs will delight in remnants of Roman, Byzantine and Greek domination in the city.

Urban explorers will love the attractive gardens and narrow streets. They host shops and restaurants that offer the best of local and international cuisines.

Even eco-travelers and adventurers will fall for Side. Just outside of town, along the Manavgat River, they can indulge in water rafting, boat tours, and other outdoor fun.

2. Marmaris

Located along the Riviera in southwest Turkey, Marmaris is a gem. This seaside resort is among the most popular in Turkey. It offers top-notch amenities including cruise adventures, exceptional sightseeing opportunities, and fantastic dining options.

The charm of Marmaris is in its coastline. There are many sandy white beaches and picture-perfect bays. The crystal-clear water is an invitation for all water activities; snorkeling, water-skiing and more.

More than a tourist resort, Marmaris is also an historical site. You will experience life in Turkey in the 16th century by visiting the Castle of Suleyman the Magnificent. It is a mind-blowing site.

3. Mardin

This is the capital city of Mardin Province, perched on a hilltop which overlooks the Mesopotamian plains.

Mardin is a historic city, and its Old City is a huge attraction. The best way to tour the city is by foot, along many popular sites. Mardin has many richly-decorated monuments but also shops offering jewelry, coffee, and traditional clothes.

Mardin’s New City, located just below the Old City, is accessible by minibuses and taxicabs. Its restaurants are the places to go to taste the best local fares: the wheat balls and the mayhurma.

4. Konya

The oldest city of Turkey is also a significant cultural center. It is famous for its Whirling Dervishes celebration and its Seljuk architecture. The Alaeddin Mosque and the Ince Minare Medrese are magnificent remnants of the Seljuk Dynasty.

The city has some of the most spectacular cultural events in Turkey as well as top rated restaurants.

5. Antalya

Antalya is a large, vibrant city abound by resorts, bars, hotels and restaurants. Located along the Mediterranean coastline, Antalya is ideal for water activities, especially sailing. But the charm of Antalya is that it also offers opportunities for mountain activities. Visitors should not miss the panorama from the cable car ride that takes visitors to the top of the Tahtali Mountains.

Turkey has a long history which reflects in its rich culture. What makes it such a great travel destination is its contrasts between traditions and modernism. Each city has its historical sites and local fares alongside world-class resorts and amenities.

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