5 Hot Travel-Themed Halloween Costumes

Here comes the only time of year it is OK to live your cosplay fantasy without being labeled a geek, or worse, a freak! While Halloween has always been about ghouls and ghosts, it’s always okay to add a little pop culture twist. Regardless of whether your travels are taking you to an extravagant costume gala or if you just want to get in the spirit of the season, here are seven of-the-moment Halloween costume ideas to inspire your disguise.

1. Assassin – Assassin’s Creed

Putting on the assassin’s robe equates to  an  adventure through time and space. From the Italian Renaissance to the American Revolution, many have worn it in their quest for justice. Thanks to demand from the cosplay world, many stores online offer both male and female versions of the Assassin’s robe .

2. Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie was a huge hit — who wouldn’t love intergalactic travelers as cool as these guys? Though he may not be the most verbose of the guardians, who is more memorable than Groot, the tree-like humanoid? This Halloween costume means a commitment to a DIY project, but if you succeed, you have a pass to use the most awesome pick-up line of the galaxy: I am Groot. Note that it will also get you out of most boring social conversations.

3. Daenerys of House Targaryen – Game of Thrones

Hot (in every sense of the word), bold, and charismatic, the Mother of Dragons is a fantastic character to impersonate. She has been breaking chains and striking fear to the heart of powerful men throughout her two-season journey. This Halloween costume will surely make you the Khaleesi of group travel.

4. Monsieur Gustave H – The Grand Budapest Hotel

You would need just two things to nail this Halloween costume: a purple concierge uniform and a fancy French mustache. You can spend the rest of the night being diligent, helpful and witty. Before settling on a location to film this movie, Wes Anderson had to travel throughout East Europe in his quest for the perfect sets. His main character also had his fair share of travel mishaps in some pretty crazy places.

5. Whip Whitaker – Flight

Who didn’t want to be a pilot as kid? Well, for grown-ups, Halloween isall about letting that inner child come out to play. Although Whip might not be quite PG-13, you will be in character for every party you attend. Plus, all you need is a pilot Halloween costume with matching hat, and a designated driver — no one should ever let a Whip Whitaker take control of anything.

6. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Intrepid, smart, and athletic: Lara Croft fits the archetype of the solo adventurer. And thanks to the latest reboot, anyone — other than Angelina Jolie — could be Lara. What do you need to make this Halloween costume on the cheap? Boots, a tank top and a pair of mean-looking guns with leg holsters. Good luck dealing with the Autumn wind though.

7. A walker – Walking Dead

Not a zombie, or a ghoul; a member of the walking dead. They might look the same, but they are not. Regardless of their state of decomposition, walkers have that little morbid awesomeness. They even look better than a dancing undead Michael Jackson –RIP King. Moreover, they make great wayfarers to travel with. They go miles without resting or complaining, other than the occasional moaning. A timeless Halloween costume.

These are my seven Halloween costumes every traveler should try this year. I think Indiana Jones or Dr Emmett Brown also deserve a place on this list — what about you? Or maybe they would be better off in a list of classic Halloween costume for travel buffs. What do you think? What is your favorite travel themed Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments.