5 of the Highest Places on Earth to Visit

So you think the Everest is the highest mountain in the world, or that the panoramic view from the SkyDeck is the most amazing there is? Well, hold those thoughts as we go on an awesome world tour of the highest places worth a visit! Each of these five destinations also hold the record of altitude in their respective categories.

Mauna Kea – world’s highest mountain?

So you think the Mount Everest is the world highest mountain? If you’re measuring from the base to the peak, the Hawaiian Mauna Kea doubles the Everest in height. However, most of this dormant volcano is underwater, with just 14,000 feet showing above sea level. While it is without a doubt the highest peak in the US, the Mauna Kea could theoretically also compete for the world’s tallest mountain.

Angel Falls – world’s highest waterfall

A 2,600-ft plunge, sloped cascades and rapids, the Angel Falls are an angelic sight in the Canaima National Park. This park itself is a world heritage site, and a popular tourist destination in Venezuela. While the 3,200-feet ascension is daunting, at least everyone can enjoy the river tours to the base of the falls

La Rinconada – world’s highest settlement

If you like quaint towns, fresh air, and adventure, you must visit La Rinconada. At 16,700 feet above sea level, the world’s highest human settlement is also the harshest place to live. Regardless, as of 2013, this lost El Dorado of the Peruvian Andes counted 50,000 inhabitants. At this altitude, human adaptation to the lack of oxygen is difficult. Would you survive in the extreme conditions?

Titicaca – world’s highest lake

A 3,000-square-mile-large natural marvel at 12,500 feet above sea level, Titicaca is a sight to behold. Located in the Andes between Peru and Bolivia, the Titicaca is not only South America’s largest lake, but also the highest lake in the world. It used to be a sacred ground for the Inca, who considered it the birthplace of the world. The Macchu Picchu, historic sites, and scenic islands on the lake make a visit to the area is an unforgettable experience.

Burj Khalifa – world’s highest observation deck

Welcome back to the city! Dubai’s Khalifa Tower is the tallest structure in the world since 2010. This architectural marvel has broken all records — its observatory deck, sitting at 1,500 feet, is also the world’s highest. There isn’t a better spot to awe at Dubai’s lavish skyline. Between the Palm islands and the World Islands, it would be easy to consider the city’s panorama as among the most fascinating in the world.

How did you like this world tour? Which of these places have you visited or dream to visit? Tell us more in the comments.