Going All Out: 13 Activities for a Tame Bachelorette Party

All the ruckus of a Hollywood bachelorette party might be an ideal that you don’t aspire to achieve. You’ve moved on from the need for pink plastic headbands, phallic-shaped cakes, and heavy drinking in high heels, which was more your style in your early twenties. Here are awesome, tasteful activities that you and the ladies can enjoy with class. They make for the perfect tame bachelorette party.

  1. Cupcake decorating contest. Order unfrosted cupcakes from your favorite bakery, or bake them yourself. Prepare all kinds of decorating tools and colored frosting. The ladies can get in teams and get to work. All cupcakes creations will undoubtedly be highly Instagram-worthy.
  2. Wine it. Hold your tame bachelorette at a local winery, wine bar, or upscale-y wine shop. If you call in advance, they most likely will be able to plan a private wine-tasting event.
  3. A private yacht on your local river is available to rent by most travel agents. You can have an otherwise-ordinary catered dinner and drinks on a romantic boat ride.
  4. Fun and useful DIYs. Put all your girls to work by inviting them over to your house to make crafts that will serve as decorations for your wedding. Have a movie playing in the background, a theme cocktail and plenty of snacks.
  5. Accessory hunting. Get all your girls together to go bridal-accessory-shopping with you. Ladies love browsing jewelry stores, hair accessories and shoes.
  6. Couple game night. If all your bachelorette ladies have significant others, open up the party for a couples game night. Get prizes beforehand to rack up the excitement.
  7. Go glamping. Rent a nice cabin or Airbnb getaway, and invite everyone to a cozy campfire, hot chocolate and s’mores.
  8. Virgin cocktail parties. For any dry party, dress up virgin cocktails in fancy glasses, fruit and sugar. Virgin daiquiris, pina coladas and other frozen drinks make great party drinks without alcohol.
  9. Plan a plain ol’ wine and cheese event at a local bar. Get a photographer and makeup artist. You don’t need to plan a theme, or activities, or dancing. Let all the ladies know ahead to time that a makeup artist will be there, and that a photographer will be taking group shots of everyone.
  10. Get all your ladies together for a wedding cake and desserts tasting. It can take place at your house with samples from all the caterers, bakeries and restaurants.
  11. Book a weekend at a yoga retreat, and get centered before your big day.
  12. Museum tour. Your local art museum can offer group packages like a customized tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or a private evening viewing of the Andy Warhol Museum.
  13. Picnic at the park with fresh food from the farmer’s market, infused lemonade, and kites. Everyone can bring their dogs.

What do you think f these tame bachelorette party ideas? Add to the talk with a comment below.


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